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Saturday, January 26, 2019 19:05 (GMT + 7)

Nguyen Quang Hai experienced a very successful 2018 year. After the inertia of the old year, the young striker of Vietnam still has a good performance in the Asian Cup in 2019. And now is the conquest of Quang Hai from strange lands?

Video of Queen Hai's performance in front of Japan

In September 2018, the official club, Renato Yamaguchi, sent to Hanoi Club to request a transfer to the business Nguyen Quang HaiMeanwhile, the J2 League team of Japan has asked to borrow or buy a young striker Nguyen Quang Hai Hanoi's favorite club. The decision was made by the sunrise team only a day after Quang Hai and the V-League crowns reunited 5 times soon.

Foreign hunting clubs & # 34; Quang Hai: Japanese giants fight Korean horrific potential club - 1

Quang Hai fights for himself in front of Japan Tel

At that time, however, no decision had been made and Quang Hai continued to belong to the staff of the Hanoi Club. More importantly, the period when Quang Hai wanted to focus on Vietnam for the maximum in a big tour from the AFF 2018 Cup to the Asian Cup 2019.

And not just the Japanese Renof Yamaguchi, Quang Hai's talent has convinced both Kim To Hoon coaches from the Korean club Ulsan Hyundai.

At the press conference before the friendly match between U22 Vietnam and the Ulsan Hyundai Club, this leader shared his desire to own Quang Hai in the team: "I will choose Quang Hai for my team, there is not much demand. killing like Quang Hye.

Ulsan Hyundai is a team with Korean traditions. Ulsan Hyundai twice won the K league and finished second in the second. In addition, this team has once been crowned for the AFC Champions League – the tournament is called the European Asian Cup in 2012.

Appreciating Nguyen Quang Hai's performance in the two major national competitions, everyone feels happy with what the 21-year-old striker can do. In the victory of the Southeast Asia Championship for the first time in 10 years of "Golden Stars", Quang Hai is the most prominent name. The title of the best player in the tournament shows this.

Following the inertia of success, the Vietnamese Gold Ball 2018 has another good performance at the continental level. Kong Fuong is the most prominent person in this tournament, but Quang Hai also deserves praise. The penalty shot of "Hai con" in Yemen's network is the NHM, chosen as the best goal in the group stage of the Asian Cup.

Prior to the continent, giants Quang Hai still showed the performance and beauty of the style of play even if it had to refrain from the common goal of the Red Shirt army. Compared to "Messi Thai" Chanathip Songkrasin or Teerasil Dangda – two Thai stars are printed in the J1 League of Japan, Quang Hai's performance on the Asian Cup in 2019 is just a little more than no lower.

Foreign hunting clubs & # 34; Quang Hai: Japanese giants struggle with the Korean horror potential club - 2

Now is Quang Hai's time to conquer strange lands?

The match against Japan can be seen as a "good" offer that Quang Hai sends to teams on the ground of the rising sun. In front of players who play the key role of Japanese football in the coming years, Quang Hai and his teammates make the "Green Samurai" unconscious. If Quang Hai's shot at the 38th minute is not blocked by goalkeeper Shuichi Gonda, it is not known which team won the semi-finals.

So it can be thought that not only Japan's Yamaguchi club or Ulsan Hyundai from Korea, but other potential Asian football giants will also send scouts to watch Vietnamese stars, including Quang Hai. We hope that with the available space, Quang Hai will become a star not only of football in Vietnam but will also reach other major tournaments on the continent.

Winning Vietnam, the Japanese coach recognizes the unexpected truth

Vietnam and Japan Tel are undergoing a dramatic dramatic match from the Asian Cup.

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