Sunday , June 20 2021

Hidden 120 cakes of heroin in cars

Van Anne has filled hundreds of ba-to-shock drugs, exhaust pipes and additional transport sites from Laos to Vietnam.

On January 25, Ha Tinn said that by extending the investigation into the opening of 120 heroin cakes at the Cow Treo border gate, police agencies temporarily detain Nguyen Van Anh (28 years old), Nguyen Van Anh (38 years old living in Huong Xing) , Nguyen Duy Que (31 years), Le Thanh Tap (28 years old, with Nghe An stay) to investigate the crime Illegal carriage of drugspursuant to Article 251 of the Criminal Code 2015

The drug was hidden in the dampening panel behind the car. Photo: С.А.

Drugs are hidden in the car. photo: C.A.

According to the investigation, about 16:30 on January 23, at the entrance of the Kau treo international border port (Huong Xin neighborhood), the Department of Public Security co-operated with Ha Tin's many interdisciplinary forces to check a 5-yr car at Ha Noah was led by Van An because he suspected he was carrying drugs.

By review, reconnaissance has revealed 34 heroin sweets hidden in damping tiles, 31 wheels are injected into the exhaust fumes, 55 wheels are under the seats.

Heroin cakes are split to facilitate placement in car parts. Photo: С.А.

Heroin cakes are split to facilitate placement in car parts. photo: C.A.

Van Ann said that Tring hired a car to transport drugs from Laos to Vietnam, and said that when he walked through the Kau treo border gate in about 15 minutes, he would call Tring to arrange the receiver.

From the testimony of Van Anh, the police arrested Trung, Que, and Tap.

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