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History of Vietnam Telephonics vs. Myanmar in the AFF Cup

18h30 on 20/11, Vietnam Tel will compete with Myanmar in the 2018 AFF Cup. In the past, both teams have met five times in the AFF Cup (the predecessor of the Tiger Cup). As a result, our team maintained their unbeaten record, winning 4 wins, 1 draw.

the first Vietnamese dinar in the world
Vietnam has a very good record against Myanmar.

For the first time Vietnam was pitted against Myanmar at the Southeast Asian Championship was the 1996 Tiger Cup. At that time, the two teams met in the second round, coach Karl-Heinz Weigang's team had won a dark opponent 4-1.

Six years later, Vietnam Tel with Myanmar was on the same table in Tiger Cup 2002. In this match, Myanmar Tel scored the first score, but still failed to score 2-4, which was defeated. Type from the group stage.

During the 2010 AFF Cup, Vietnam Tel under the guidance of coach Henrique Calisto had destroyed Myanmar with a score of 7-1 at the My Dinh National stadium. In this tournament, Myanmar also leaves the tournament from the first round, when there is a complete score after 3 matches.

Two years after losing the carpet at My Dinh Stadium, Vietnam Tel with Myanmar was in the same league. This time, Vietnam Tel won only a 1-1 draw before the opponent. This is a tournament where Vietnam Tel and Myanmar are eliminated from the group stage.

The last time the two teams met in the AFF Cup was a duel in 2016. Despite the advantages of Aung Thu's house and light, Myanmar still lost 1-2 from Vietnam.

Thus, after five times in the Southeast Asian Championship, Vietnam Tel scored 18 goals, collecting six goals. It should be noted that in five times on the same table as Vietnam Tel, Myanmar was eliminated four times from the group.

History of Vietnam against Myanmar Tel


1996: Vietnam 4-1 Myanmar

2002: Vietnam 4-2 Myanmar

2010: Vietnam 7-1 Myanmar

2012: Vietnam 1-1 Myanmar

2016: Vietnam 2-1 Myanmar

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