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Hot 24 Hours: Strange situation of the chicken school girl helps her mother to die

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 20:00 (GMT + 7)

Strange case of killed chickens; In fact, the VietJet Air tire exploded when it landed at Tan Son Nhat Airport … the news was 24 hours ago.

A strange case with a girl killed with a chicken ship

As for the case of a CTMD student (SN 1997, resident in Thanh Hung municipality, Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province), was killed when a chicken ship helped her mother on February 13 police investigated police in the province Dien Bien. issued a decision to prosecute the case, convicted the accused, temporarily detained detainee Vuong Van Hung (SN 1984, resident in Muong Thanh district, Dien Bien Phu, Dien Bien province) on charges of murder and robbery. Hung is the suspect who killed D.

Hot 24 Hours: Strange case with a chicken ship, a student helping a killed mother - 1

Vuong Van Hung and the victim C.T.M.D.

Colonel Trang A Tua, Deputy Chief of Police at Dien Bien, said the police investigation agency had called to work on an object called Tran Van.

According to the results of the investigation, the investigative commission found a lot of blood stains on the Tank Van Hunt's truck, through the study, these blood stains were the victim of C.T.M.D.

Speaking of the issue of the victims of sexual abuse, Colonel Toua said, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove this further, awaiting the conclusion of forensic expertise.

As for the case, the authorities state that the abandoned house in the residential area 11, the Thanh Thong District, is considered one of the places of the case.

Mrs. L. (in the opposite house of the wildlife house) was still not afraid to tell her, a couple of days ago, two young men had dropped into her house, threatening and insisting on seeing security cameras. Seeing her suspicion, her family reports to the police. Soon after, the surrounding people discovered the chicken cage, the victim's trousers and told the police.

Earlier, on 12 February, the Dien Bien Provincial Police Department arrested Vuong Van Hung in connection with the assassination of student C.T.M.D.

At the police office, he admitted, on February 4 (that is, 30 November), when he goes to the market, he meets D. helping his family sell chickens. Seeing a beautiful girl, Hung pretended to buy, and then asked for a phone number.

Hugh then called to ask D. to transfer 10 chickens to an address provided by the participants in Dien Bien Fu City. When the victim arrived, Hun continued to exchange another place and asked D. to communicate and then control and kill the victim.

In fact, VietJet Air aircraft rocked their tires on landing at Tan Son Nhat Airport

On February 12, the VietJet Air VJ328 flight number originated from Phu Quoc to Ho Chi Minh City, and when it landed at Tan Son Nhat Airport, the tire exploded. According to the shared image, the airplane tire is very broken and has a big hole. According to the story, the incident has no victims.

Hot 24 Hours: Strange case of a chicken ship, a student helping a killed mother - 2

Online images suggest that VietJet Air tires have problems.

As far as this information is concerned, the VietJet representative said that on 12 February the flight from Fu Kwok to Ho Chi Minh arrived at 7:30 in the morning. Once the passenger has entered the station, the plane is placed in the parking lot and checked, there is a tire showing signs of damage. The aircraft is replaced with a tire immediately after that and it is ensured that the schedule of the subsequent flights is not affected.

"Passenger safety is always a priority. Each signal is checked and processed according to the process. This is also a general situation of the specific characteristics of aviation, "said Vietjet, a representative of the airline.

Motorcycle pressed 3 crashed into cars stopped in the road, 3 young people died carpet

Around 0h30 on 13 February, highway 1A, located in Ky Van, Ky Anh province, Ha Tinh Province, had a particularly serious incident.

Hot 24 Hours: A strange case with a chicken ship, a student helping a murdered mother - 3

The scene, the motorcycle was badly damaged, lots of debris sprawled along the way.

Accordingly, three young people, including Q. (SN 2000), C. (SN 1996), T. (SN 1994), staying together in Ky Tay, Ky Anh District, have gone to motorcycles with a supervisory board. K1- 35623 (unknown guide) moving from south to north.

When I arrived in Ky Van, I suddenly met a car crash BKS 74C-03250 by Mr. Nguyen Duc Thang, (SN 1978), resident in Quang Tri, stopping the driver from the side. Extremely strong impact caused the death of R. and C. in place while T. dies on the road to emergency relief.

In place, the motorcycle is badly damaged, many debris is scattered in the middle of the road. Then there were functional forces in place to investigate the cause of the incident.

Nam Din believes there are 200 billion fake money in the area

Recently, the news of the large amount of counterfeit money circulating in Nam Ding was published on Facebook, which received tens of thousands of shares. Accordingly, the contents of the article said: "Urgent notice: At present, Nam Dyn province is circulating more than 200 billion VNDs of 200,000 counterfeit money, and it is hard to find counterfeit money, since I had a shop with more than 6 million counterfeit money and thanks to the analytical bank, I found a trace … ".

Hot 24 Hours: A Strange Case With a Chicken Girl That Helps Your Mother Die - 4

An object publishes information about a 200,000 VND fake Facebook social network causing confusion

Speaking with Trafficking Reporter, Mr. Wu Van Yen, Director of the State Treasury of Nam Din, said he had no information. "I have never heard of the State Bank Branch in the province of Nam Din informing about this incident," Yen said.

Hot 24 Hours: The suspect's testimony killed the girl to deliver chicken, which will be the 30th year

The testimony of the suspect killed the student to deliver chicken in the afternoon of 30 Tet; Police soldiers will beat neighbors who are hospitalized …

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