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Hot nurse gives a fever when shooting "love" scenes in Lynn's new film

Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 7:31 pm (GMT + 7)

Beauty has a fiery body that fans hunt for identity after a hot shot behind the scenes.

A hot nurse sister fever when playing a scene & # 34; in the new Lynn Mine movie - 1

Behind the scene, The Blind Woman drew attention to the hot scenes from May Tao Lynn starring the lead role. Lin Miu (White Skirt) directly instructs youngsters to play a role

Lynn Mui recently shared behind-the-scenes a Blind Woman movie that triggered a stir in social networks. According to sharing, Lin Miu personally committed the hot girl May Tao Lin in the daring love scene. As soon as the series of photos were published and attracted thousands of likes and comments, the girl's identity made Lyn Mui personally "wake up" and also intrigued the viewers.

By associating with Mai Thao Linh, we were even more surprised to learn that this girl, born in 1996, who studied medicine, was a nurse, but because of her passion for art, she became a model, then it was affected movie theater.

A hot nurse sister fever when playing a scene & # 34; in the new Lynn Mine movie - 2

The beauty of the actress's life and the model of Mai Thao Linh

Mai Thao Linh is also no stranger to the young audience. She was in a comedy Cooker Min Tit. Although not trained for acting but experienced in collaboration with many fashion brands and professional teams, Mai Thao Linh often plays very quickly.

During the "hot scene" process in the "Blind Woman" movie, Mai Thao Linh had some initial concerns. However, sharing with us, the beautiful people said, "For the first time, when I collaborated with male actors, I was a little hesitant, I did not know how to fix myself well. acting with me, both sides understand each other so I was confident in the game.

A hot nurse sister fever when playing a scene & # 34; in Lynn Mui's new movie - 3

Mai Thao Linh is the familiar and hot Facebook face seen by young people

On the question of the situation where Linh Miu directly took the vision, Mai Thao Linh laughed: "Linh and Son (who love Linh Miu-pv) act as a script, let's see it is very natural and performs beautiful motion in front of the camera , we all know that movies and life are different, so everyone focuses on completing the fastest work progress.

Mai Thao Linh confident, the chance to bring her to this film is quite accidental: "Linh and I have collaborated many times to take pictures, so then I see that I have a sexy look and I have a dress and shoulder so I invited go to movie ".

A hot nurse sister fever when playing a scene & # 34; in Lin Miu's new movie - 4

Mai Thao Linh: "Cat-Xe plays a movie where you agree, I do not do it publicly"

As a well-known model and Hot FB in social media, Mai Thao Linh gets a bold scenario that causes many people to be interested in the reward they receive.

On the question of this matter, Mai Thao Linh admitted: "Frankly, it is much harder and safer to shoot a movie, making a lot of pictures, but in return, the process is very happy, I have a lot of experience, besides , it's also a hobby, a personal passion, so I will try to continue pursuing and developing my career.

A hot nurse sister fever when playing a scene & # 34; in Lynn's new film - 5

Although the film of sand plays a lower film as a model, Mai Thao Linh will continue to test his passion for art

In addition to the daring "hot" scene, the native actress in Ninh Binh also made the audience pay attention because of sexy looks. By sharing with us, Mai Thao Linh has revealed that she likes sexy style in her life. However, "I still do not have a lover, so pursuing a hot face and following a busy road with sensitive jobs is indifferent," Tao Lin said.

Lin Mui personally leads the way to

Photos Linh Miu sells the way to play "hot scenes" that many people are surprised by her new role.

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