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I hate Liverpool, "win" the men's champion City-24th soccer

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 00:05 (GMT + 7)

The community of a MU fan in Vietnam and around the world provokes an argument. Whether in the English derby and manchester derby here, how do the "red devils" face the mind?

MU video won against Fulham in round 26 of the English Premier League

MU's schedule for the upcoming period will be extremely fierce. After the PSG collision in the first round of the 1/8 Champions League, waiting for the coach's army Ole Gunnar Solskjayer is an extremely heavy schedule. In just 5 rounds, the Reds will have to meet with Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal.

Controversial millions of fans: Hate Liverpool,

MU (gray shirt) is determined to stop Liverpool

After a period of extreme sublimation, MU is in the top 4 of the Premier League. After the 26th round, Chelsea lost to Man City 0-6 and fell to 6th, while MU had 51 points at the time, the difference was +17, Chelsea was 50 points and +16 difference. After just 9 rounds, Solskayer's team won 12 points more than Chelsea, while the difference surpassed West London.

But now, after specifying the top 4 goals, Manchestras dream of something more magical. This was the Premier League championship. After the 26th round, the difference between United and the best teams of Manchester City and Liverpool is 14 points (Blue Man kicks more than 1 game).

Man City slams 27 matches, 65 points. Liverpool played 26 matches and also had 65 points. MU, after the 26th round, currently has 51 points. The distance is 14 points and the season has 12 rounds. An issue that drives MU fans to argue is that they will go into the battle with Liverpool and Manchester City?

MU fans do not want Liverpool's big rival to win the Premier League Championship 2018/19. That's why, in recent games, the Manucci welcomed Man City. And of course, fans of the Reds want to win the English derby against Liverpool at Old Trafford on Feb. 24 in the 27th Premier League round. MU will then enter the Manchester derby with Man City, also at Old Trafford in round 31.

Controversial millions of fans: Hate Liverpool,

MU fans argued about how MU should react to the Premier League race

Now MU fans argue about how MU has to face these matches? Some MU fans accept as a result of the loss of Man City, as long as Liverpool can not win the Premier League. Some others think it is more important for MU to be at the top four of the Premier League as well as Liverpool and Man City.

And above all, MUV fans are convinced that Solskjaer's coach will win both Liverpool and City more and more. Even no less manucian dreams of wonders that MU can compete against the championship race with Man City and Liverpool in the context of the 12-round tournament and MU has dropped 14 points.

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