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It is not difficult to learn how to tighten the stomach

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Hot gymer Ha said: "Many of you misunderstand that daily abdominal exercises will help us have a clear abdominal groove.

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Ha Thanh's gym coach – Bich Hanh has a sexy waist, deep abdominal cavity

The small waist is not enough, the gymers also race to show off the "achievements" of the belly drum deep groove. This is hard work in the practice and eating process that cannot be done by everyone. Hot gymer Ha Thanh – Tran Bich Hanh is one of the few who did it.

Bich Hanh stressed, not every practice must have a distended stomach. In particular, he pointed out that "In addition to perseverance, effort, we need to have the right view of the eating and exercise process to get the best and fastest results.

Many of you who misunderstand the stomach every day will help us have a small waist and stomach but this is uncertain. Eating the stomach only helps build a stronger stomach than burning fat quickly. There are people who practice abdominal muscles every day, so the muscles don't recover and change so they don't function properly. "

& # 34; Wise Technique from the Gymnasium Ha Noi: Not every training must have a stomach - 2

It's not easy to reach a sloping waist like Tran Bich Hanh

Understanding the mistakes of trainers, the trainers provide the following enhanced guidelines:

Training: Lift weights to burn round fat 2

For sharp and deep stomach grooves, you need to burn fat first. Fat decreases, new abdominal muscles can appear. Exercise in this case is a combination of cardio weightlifting. Note, the cadio file does not only include jogging but also tabata, cycling, strings, …

Many women are reluctant to do weight-related things that claim to make them rough, increasing muscle mass without burning excess fat. However, weight training does not make women bigger. Conversely, new fat makes women "generals". A woman's body cannot produce testosterone (a type of hormone that helps muscles develop) like men, so be sure to have the most complete body shape.

After burning fat, women have to do more boards, bow, crunch, bicycle crunch (a form of abdominal exercise) … to have a deep stomach like a sports coach Tran Bich Hanh.

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Bich Hanh exercises the board, bends the stomach and lots of other exercises to the abdominal curve

Eat: The biggest influence

Tran Bich Hanh said that the diet determines 70% for the formation of the desired stomach stomach. He divided one day into three meals and three snacks. At the same time, Bich Hanh follows the principles below:

– Don't eat more starch, instead eat more protein foods, eat fruit, … only help control weight, just be healthy. Eating snacks mostly fruits and nuts.

– It's better to eat chicken because chicken is rich in protein, increasing satiety. Especially chicken compared to pork, beef, has a lower fat content.

Limit consumption of calories, alcohol, and carbonated drinks. They affect our waist very much. Everyone has an abdominal muscle of 6 parts, abdominal curves but because fat in the body is more or less clear or not.

Based on the above principle, Tran Bich Hanh suggests the following menu:

Breakfast: Eat noodle soup with meat, or bread with meat (beef, pork, chicken, fish …), have eaten oat fresh milk. Accompany with unsweetened yogurt.

Auxiliary: Eat fruit or boiled eggs.

Lunch: Eat rice with vegetables and meat as usual.

Secondary meal: Eat fruit

Dinner: Eat meat with vegetables, fruit desserts.

Sideburns: Before going to bed, add sugar-free yogurt.

Thanks to the practice of persistence and scientific food because Bich Hanh has a waist of tens of thousands of people.

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The hot scene from the hot girl's attractive gym room – Tran Bich Hanh

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