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– I've kept my wife a lot, because

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"I once called out a fire, we have smoke now," said Dan Truong.

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– Many artists, when mentioning the word "eternal", their attitude does not accept and even react rudely. And you personally?

– I think it is difficult to avoid the rule. Nobody dared to say that he was a celebrity forever and forever until he died.

So I have to think of living so gently, calmly, that's the most important and necessary thing.

– Do you set a certain stage for your retirement age?

– Sometimes I was 45 when I retired (laughs).

I think the image of the people who perform as young is too long. If I get older, I'll go hide. I'm also not afraid of anything.

Those were the long-term expectations of the audience for me, so there was pressure. I always have to keep my diet full, exercise moderately, never play too late.

Dan Truong revealed his wife's life: "I saved my wife a lot because of the label." - 1

Dan Truong has more than 20 years of artistic activity.

– If you care for your beauty and for yourself, are there any suggestions for your wife?

"My wife also took care of me. Because Twie Tien was not old enough to keep and worry about doing business. I encourage my wife to use this cosmetics, to mask the other guy … as the case may be.

We and Thuy Tien were engraved. There are times when I comment, heard Twi Tien, sometimes not.

The age of the dragon and the age of the pig are very good in the business between me and the manager, Hoang Tuan, but they can not be close to each other, always away. Even when you act, never share a room. As they both touch, it's a terrible argument.

But there are some things I say reasonable, she still has Tui Tien.

"When you go back to the same house, do you have the hot temper to indulge in your wife?"

"I kept my wife very much. I called a fire in the past, now I show smoke (laughs).

Dan Truong revealed his wife's life: "I saved my wife a lot because of the label." - 2

The singer has revealed that he has to give up his wife enough to keep his family happy.

"It seems incredible to say that Dan Truong is a man who can shout, strong … someone?

– In my work, it's very clear, not messy, says 1 is 1, 2 is 2. For example, I give time to do it, it must be just for me, it is not done otherwise, I do not like it . I'm not too strict, but everything has to be true.

In particular, Hoang Tuan is with everyone, but not with me. Perhaps he was angry at the car, but when he opened the door he mellowed. Why, I do not know, in general, he still puts the job first.

I'm the one who edits Mr. Tuan, from a very evil person, but now he's very gentle

"Lately there are a lot of network phenomena from the virtual world to the real and famous stage. They are called singers and are busy with shows. What do you think of these phenomena?

– I have a compliment. Social networks are now very important. Before, what was my time with YouTube, Facebook … If the audience loved someone, they had to buy tapes to listen to them. They also know only the singer's information on the tape, but not just a single click right now.

My time was difficult and difficult, but "the earth is wider". So far, "the earth is more tight" because of too many singers and actors. And the search for the audience is also more difficult, it is not easy. So you need to work harder.

Dan Truong revealed his wife's life: "I saved my wife a lot because of the label." - 3

For twenty years, Dan Truong has been awarded many prestigious awards.

– Many opinions suggest that the awards today are too many, so there is no "burden" as in the past. What do you think?

"In the past, in order to achieve a certain reward, I and the singers from the same time had to work extremely hard and I had many difficulties. Everything is not simple or everything is possible.

So we appreciate the award. The awards are voted by messages with real love from the audience, not from virtual messages or dating.

For me, the reward is just a form. It is important that an artist has love for the audience. I just see that the artist is expensive to show, MV million view is that I see that they were successful and well received and loved by the public …

– His talent is undeniable, but many still do not accept his popularity with the boss Hoang Tuan. Are you sad about this?

"That's because of the co-operation and the heart between me and Tuan, who have been in existence for today, for over 20 years. It is too late to say that he is separated from Mr. Tuan. Now is the time to feel and work and play (laughs).

Dan Truong revealed his wife's life: "I saved my wife a lot because of the label." - 4

Dan Truong and Mr. Hoang Tuan.

– During the joint work, he and Mr. Hoang Tuan also met with the market. Have you ever thought to stop this relationship?

"During malicious rumors, I was discouraged and quarreled with Mr. Tuan. I also told him how to try to maintain good relations. The second is how Tuan should behave, people should not care too much for me.

Whatever people love, whatever it is. And people hate me, they do not tell me. I'm the one who edits Mr. Tuan, from a very evil person, but now he's very gentle.

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