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Just in love for 2 weeks, the girl forced her boyfriend to do "this" – Young man

Friday, April 26, 2010 – 10:00 (GMT + 7)

Seeing that his girlfriend is too active, the boy is shocked to be about to "throw the shell out".

Just in love for 2 weeks, the girl seduced her boyfriend to

The young woman's initiative surprised the audience

Girls who are proactive in love are no longer a rare story, but they are so proactive that if their friends do "sex" until they get married, not all of them are brave enough.

That's why the love story of the couple Nguyen Luo Hoang Kuan (31 years old, from Fan Tiet) and Trin Hoang Tong Lyng (28 years old, born Hai Fong) made the audience laugh. During the process of calling, love for marriage, people who actively hold "up" are all brave and brave wives.

Hoang Quan and Tuong Lyng met for the first time in the insurance consultation. As a consultant, but found that Touong Lynn was too smart and loyal, he had always invited her to work for his company.

She fell in love for two weeks, the girl seduced her boyfriend to do it - 2

After 2 weeks of getting acquainted, Touong Lynn lures his friend to do it.

When he falls in love with her for 2 weeks, the girl seduces her boyfriend to do it - 3

Though very shocked, Hoang Kuan still had to admit he was happy to get this girl's offer

Lynn had no good impression on the Military, but when he worked with him, her thoughts changed completely. He thought he was serious about work, enthusiastic by his colleagues, especially loving. Seeing around the man who has pursued many "satellites", Lyn decided to "go one step further" actively flirting with him.

Every day she sent him sweet messages that took care of him from the smallest things. Seeing the enemy look "green light", she "beats": – Or I know each other. I like you. "

In any doubt, Hoang Kuan did not accept the word at once, but wanted to give her time to think. Touong Lynn was disappointed with the whole episode until he was about to give up his intention to pursue this man, then returned to accept her feelings.

In love for 2 weeks, the girl seduces her boyfriend to do it - 4

Twong Lin also seduced his friend on a larger scale

From his knowledge, Hoang Quan repeatedly "shook" the initiative of Tuong Lynn. After officially falling in love for two weeks, she has seduced him to do so.

That day at home I sent the picture: "I intend to" then "you"? He asked, "What do you want to do?" Actually, I also decided I wanted to find a chance to let her be a good girl. Touong Lynn led the whole school to laugh at this sharing.

Hoang Quan himself could not believe his eyes when he read this message. He doubted it was about to be "thrown out" because the girl, however active, could not be so brave.

But Hoang Kuan could not refuse the sweetness of her beautiful girlfriend. "First Eat Rice" is done, it continues to be attracted to a larger plan, namely to do "that" to pregnancy and then get married.

In love for 2 weeks, the girl seduced her boyfriend to do it - 6

The young woman admits she loves and admires her husband

Touong Lynn explained that after she and her doctor had gone, she and the emperor had been evaluated by the halls as children without children. Since she was very respectful of the children and did not want to become a burden later, she decided to marry only when she was pregnant.

Fortunately, just a few months later, the couple had good news. They held a wedding when Tuong Lynn was pregnant for 5 months.

"You go to the same house" in an unexpected way, Tuong Linh and Hoang Quan still have a very happy marriage. Hoang Kwan thanks his wife's initiative to help him have a peaceful family like now.

In everyday life, couples also have unsatisfactory points for each other. Hoang Quan wants his wife to be arranged, arranged and less expensive. Twong Lin wants her husband to be less jealous and angry. However, she admits she is more and more loving and admiring her husband.

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