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K. Ronaldo: "Barcelona is not for me"

C. Ronaldo: Barcelona is not for me - 1
CR7 suddenly revealed the destination that man always wanted to avoid

Recently, K. Ronaldo received an interview with the Italian magazine La Repubblica. And when I asked about the plan later, CR7 also suddenly revealed a place the man … would never want to come.

– Barcelona is not for me, not for me. I've been there a few times, and I realize that people do not like me very much, "says K. Ronaldo, but that's normal, it's just because of competition, no problem. ,

Of course, Barcelona's "escape" from Ronaldo is also not without reason. During his stay with Real Madrid, CR7 scored 18 goals in 30 games in super classic games.

During the nine seasons playing for the White Vultures, K. Ronaldo also had plenty of time to sow Catalan fans. And it seems that the CR7 is quite "awake" when it says that even when the shoes were hung away from the field, the Portuguese superstar does not intend to live in the city of its rival Lionel Messi.

However, this is a pity for the Portuguese player because Barcelona is a city famous for its delicious food and many beautiful and charming beaches.

C. Ronaldo: Barcelona is not for me - 2
CR7 has repeatedly "cut off" Barcelona

Interestingly, in the last interview, K. Ronaldo also very sincerely shared the friendship he had won in the 18 years of his shirt. In particular, thanks to the spirit of victory and the desire to win at all costs, the CR7 is also hard for friendship.

A superstar often insults other people, so there are not many friends. So CR7 can only trust: "I can only say I have friends … I mean, it's not that I do not have, I have friends too."

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