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Loftus-Cheek can take a break … 1 year: Star can be turned off

Loftus-Cheek can take a break ... 1 year: Star can be turned off

Loss Europe and the League of Nations have also been lost

To keep the feeling of playing for players before the Europa League final in the morning of May 30, Chelsea just played against the New England Revolution. Coach Maurizio Sari climbed the starting line as hard as possible. At the end of the first half, Sarrie pulled Matteo Kovacic out of the pitch and replaced him with Ruben Lopez-Chick.

Against the backdrop of Nicolas Golo Kante, who suffers injury and is able to miss the Europa League final, coach Sarri desperately needs a midfielder to replace the French plow. He tests Ross Barkley and, of course, Lloyd-Cheke is also on Sarrie's list of players.

Loftus-Cheek broke the Achilles heel of the New England link on May 16th

Loftus-Cheek broke the Achilles heel of the New England link on May 16th

Unfortunately, in just 20 minutes with New England England, Loftus-Cheek crashed with Diego Fagúndez in a … romantic way. The consequences of such a non-ballistic situation have led Lloyd-Chick to leave the field with two assistants. He is diagnosed with Achilles tendon. The time to fully cure it until … 1 year.

That's a big loss for Chelsea. In the past, LOX-SIC really had to spend much more time in reserve than to compete. However, his life began to go on the site in January. From the 24th round of the Premier League to the end of the season, Loftus-Seek was absent from a single game. During this time he scored 3 goals and 2 successful attempts.

Gray Future

Career improves with Loftus-Cheek, this serious injury. This makes Loftus Cheek lose the opportunity to attend the Europa League final and, worse still, the lack of the upcoming UEFA Champions League in England. Chelsea can also wait for Loftus-Cheek to recover from the injury, but the chance to join England's EURO 2020 team may have ended with Loftus-Cheek.

What's worse is that this serious trauma is going to chase Lopez-Chick, which makes him unable to return to himself. History proves that there are many stars that play in sublimation and have serious injuries that are facing the prospect of gradual decline. Kevin de Bryune last season was one of the best midfielders in the world. Until this season, the constant injury made him almost disappear from the dominance of Man City.

Tiémoué Bakayoko for Monaco also captivated many big men and finally accepted a comment on Chelsea. However, his performance after a knee injury was a disaster. Bakkaiko has never returned from the day of the serious injury.

This tragedy may well come to Loch-Chick. At 23, England's midfielder must have reached the level of maturity. However, the time spent playing for the whole year is both an unnecessary break and makes every player come back to become more shy in situations that require drastic action. Unfortunately for Loftus-Cheek, unfortunately for the growing career, he suddenly interrupted.

The presentation of Loftus-Cheek is better than Willian

Loftus-Cheek has scored 10 goals and has 5 assists for Chelsea in all races this season. Thus, on average, every 130.3 minutes, Lloyd-Chick was printed at goal. This performance is even better than striker Villian, who loses an average of 159.7 minutes each time.

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