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Love story "young pilots" 18-year-old poor to buy 3 billion house to give "hot" woman

Sunday, 3 February, 2019 11:09 (GMT + 7)

Take money to buy a house for a girlfriend over 18, but then the actor stumbled to "fall" to remember life.

In 2018 Vietnamese show business saw many stories of a love scandal with Vietnamese stars. But the most interesting is probably the love story of "young pilot" Kieu Minh Tuan.

The relationship between Kieu Minh Tuan and Cat Phuong is considered a "young pilot" love story because of the difference in age between the two. Although at age 18, but the actor always shows maturity and tears his girlfriend with all his heart.

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Kieu Minh Tuan has borrowed money to buy a house for Cat Phuong in May 2018

In an interview, Kieu Minh Tuan said he had accepted to borrow money to buy a new home for his mother. It is known that the house is worth up to 3 billion VND.

At that time, cat Phuong believed: "Actually, this new 3 billion apartment house bought by Kieu Minh Tuan is bought for me and I feel that the feeling is very true Now who loves me who hates me I feel. This is my real affection. Maybe my gods compensate for the sad things.

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The 3 billion-dollar house is where the couple lives with their own son

The sweet attachment of the couple made the Netizens admire her, considered to be an ideal model. But the scandal still "flourishes" when Kieu Minh Tuan is in pairs with An Nguyet in the movie Uncle, do not take my mother.

When public opinion buzzed, because the two actors were giving very intimate gestures, Kieu Minh Tuan's rumors about Kieu Minh Tuan's "Sun" were still in love with Cat Phuong. When the film is about to be released, the two actors suddenly admit that romance is real in a controversial interview.

After that, they constantly echoed the story of the "third person", and there was no PR target for the upcoming movie. The words of Kieu Minh Tuan about "giving love to Cat Phuong more than love" made the Nethezians hesitate.

Meanwhile Anne Nugget admits her love to Keewu Mwan Tuan. The outsider has repeatedly criticized Anne Nguyet, who intervened by boycoring Kieu Ming Tuan, who betrayed Cat Fung. The movie shut down from the audience, causing huge losses to the producers.

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An Nguyet – Kieu Minh Tuan – Phuong cat thrives in 2018

The scandal continues to explode when rumors suggest that Cat Phuong stands out to arrange the "real fake film" for PR film for Kieu Minh Tuan. The film producers have demanded that both bidders be prosecuted for loss of earnings.

The incident really calmed down when Kot Fuong and Keew Min Tuan were still together, traveling together, and Nguyet was also silent without talking. Kieu Minh Tuan then returned 900 million dong in reward to the film producer. However, the image they had built so long in the fans' eyes was significantly reduced after the scandal.

In addition to the trio of the year, the Vietnamese show 2018 also saw noisy cases from other couples.

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In July Tim singer officially confessed she was divorcing with singer Truong Quynh Anh. Earlier, it was reported that the couple had divorced but not confirmed. In 2015, rumors were raised that Troong Quin Anne had taken his child away from home.

By August 2016, the couple also announced they would hold an official wedding ceremony. In 2017, divorce talks begin, but both deny that they still appear together at the event.

Many times the couple forces the Nettians to think of playing "cat and mouse". After the split, they are still living in Tim's house to look after his son Sushi.

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A love story between Namm and Truong Jiang, while the love comedy Nha Fuun is also one of the scandals in the past 2018. However, Truong Giang and Nha Phuong already have a happy ending when they meet their first child.

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The fact that singer Hong Nghang separated from her husband after 7 years of living together was amazing for fans because they were always a perfect couple before. Some rumors suggest that Kevin Gilmour's husband's husband has new people.

Then Mr. Kevin had to deny, and Hong Nun also confirmed that although they both separated, they still maintain good relations with their children.

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Dekao and Chau Bui, after separation, also gathered again and denied the "third person" in the affair.

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Linh Chi and Lam Vinh Hai are similar to Decao and Chau Bui and eventually come back after the noise.

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Min Duong's Love Story – Nin Duong Lan Ngoc – Chi Dan is also a love triangle that makes the Nethesses tremble. Still, Lan Ngok does not talk about his love of Chi Dan as rumors. After the separation, Min Luan shared that Lan Ngok was the one who was actively saying good-bye.

Attached to the beautiful goal,

The "young pilot" humiliating situations show that at any moment it can be saved under the lens.

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