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Luke Shaw returned to Mourinho after being criticized for not allowing large

The British Left Revolution expresses sympathy and tries to support the Portuguese teacher, although it is stigmatized publicly.

Coach Jose Mourinho unexpectedly criticized Luke Shaw

Despite the claims, Jose Mourinho's recent speech was criticized by Luke Shaw and the young players in Manchester United. Reporters specific words of the Portuguese coach as follows:

Luke Shaw returns to Mourinho after being criticized for not making big shots
Coach Jose Mourinho criticized defender Luke Shaw for "not tolerant"

"They are lacking in maturity and clear, my idea is from a human point of view, but it is not professional." Older men, older, uneducated, must be better prepared for life.

"Now they are spoiled children because of too much love, life and the environment are easy, much more favorable." People around them must always pay attention to them, sympathize and forgive them, making them grow slower. , Luca Shaw, Boys or Lingrad, promising talents, but they do not know how to behave and deprived of personality. "

How does the man react?

It is true that in the past Mourinho has emerged from a fierce conflict with Shaw, revolving around the style and attitude of the students. But this is the time when the 23-year-old defender has made significant progress and dominated the back of the Old Trafford left bar at the start of the season.


Luke Shaw returns to Mourinho after being criticized for not taking great shots
Luca Shaw responded calmly to Mourinho

Such public defamation was partly unfair to Shaw. However, the former England star of Southampton has a relatively calm response and is even ready to support Mourinho because the teacher has to bear the pressure of the news is that heals heals like that.

Shaw said: "I do not think he deliberately directed someone to attack him. He wanted to make a more accurate overview of the entire generation, especially when compared to his youth. In general, he has to train psychology, stable to be able to play for the coach and the club. He just wants to motivate, motivate our fighting spirit. "

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