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Making breakfast, the incredible girl on the grill should be a simple python

January 26, 2019 06:00 (GMT + 7)

The Australian girl wants to bake a breakfast cake without knowing that a python in the toaster hides.

Making breakfast, the unexpected girl needs to grill the python - 1

The python is in a toaster.

According to the Daily Mail, Australian girls now feel terrified when they mistakenly cook a live python, hiding in a baking machine. The girl has spoken these sounds that will pursue her all her life.

Salleena Davis, 24, from Brisbane, Queensland feels unusual when hears the noise of a toaster.

Making breakfast, unexpected girl needs to grill the python - 2

The carpet disappeared when it was baked.

Salleena was surprised to find a python whale lying in a toaster. "I just woke up and made breakfast. Only after 10 seconds a strange sound from the toaster is heard. "

Then the python was burned, but still alive. The smoke rises everywhere.

Salleena brought a python to the garden and realized that it did not last long. She believes this is a rug of rug, still small.

Prepare breakfast, the unexpectedly roasted girl must have a python - 3

Salleena Davis said she would be obsessed throughout her life.

"My friend missed the bush in the bush and told me not to think too much about it," said Salliena. "But until now I still feel obsessed.

"Not only because I saw a python, but I was actually firing it. I still do not dare to use the water again because I do not know what to expect from me, "Salleina added. – That's really terrible.

Release the smoke when you see the giant python packing the mailbox tightly

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