Friday , November 27 2020

Many people "took off the money" bought VinFast car on the southern start day Finance – business

VinFast offers four products, including three electric motorcycles Lux SA 2.0, Lux A 2.0, Fadil and Klara. This is the first time people in the South have a direct look at the car models with luxury interior design, class, powerful engines … and have ordered direct VinFast cars with a preferential double pricing policy.

In particular, VinFast announced the sale price of "3 no" and the special policy for popularizing luxury cars Lux and Fadil the popular segment. The price is from 336 million dad for Fadil cars and 800 million dong for Lux A 2.0, 1,136 billion dong for luxury car Lux SA 2.0.

In order to have a car at the best price, customers only have to sign a car purchase contract at the opening ceremony or in the VinFast store and deposit 20 million for the Fadil and 50 million for the car. Lux. For luxury models, customers will have 8 exterior colors and 3 interior colors, and Fadil will have 6 different color paints to choose from.

Many impressed by the luxury look of three VinFast cars show and deposit on the spot to buy Vietnam-branded cars at an excellent price. The Klara electric motorcycle has a test area where customers can experience the first product of the VinFast Hai Phong team. Many customers who had previously booked their cars were also tested and yesterday received the electric motorcycle Klara.

Ms. Hong Khan (District 10 resident, HCM City) said she had put the car before and after the test, was very pleased with the quality models of motorcycles, especially the engine is very quiet I still have gasoline.

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