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Massage and manicure for waiting guests, the good work will be managed!

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Background: Leaving halfway to work as a laborer, Zhang Yong soon turned to the restaurant business after he was disappointed with his first restaurant experience.

planning: Not only customers but also employees are also gods, the restaurant chain Haidilao is determined not to franchise in good faith to develop every place.

Results: More than 300 stores around the world, Heydilao has become a phenomenon in the culinary industry with revenues of 1.6 billion a year and a total value of up to 12 billion USD.

Stubbornness begins

Haidilao - the chain of restaurants

Zhang, like her native relatives, soon dropped out of school to work as a laborer when she was in high school. After a period of work, Zhang saved enough money to realize the dream of "eating a restaurant" for the first time, but this trip to Sichuan just disappointed him.

In 1994, after being denied many rights at the factory, Zhang and his fiancé Shu Ping quit their business to start a small restaurant called Heydil.

Recognizing that he has no cooking experience, especially in the Sichuan hot pot shop, Zhang is confident he will bring the best customer experience because he himself has encountered the situation. filled with disappointment.

Far away, Heydillo received a lot of support and franchise invitations. But unlike the predictions of many people, Zhang is determined to open and manage each location independently, while others continue to expand and dominate market share through the franchise model.

Slowly but surely Heydillo quietly invests in work and service for every open space. The motto "Customer Satisfaction – Dedicated Staff" is becoming a competitive advantage from this chain of restaurants that is difficult to copy compared to the franchise model with short training time.

The client is a god

Haidilao - the chain of restaurants

In China, it's normal to wait for hours before entering a restaurant, even watching people as a quality sign.

Most restaurants will be equipped with front seats to allow guests to wait, but Heydillo has become a simple wait for a whole new experience. Back massage, manicure, shoe shine … countless services are totally free of charge for the gods who sit outside.

Not to mention that the taste of food is always appreciated after entering Heidilao, guests will immerse themselves in a very convenient space with affordable rates and 24-hour service.

Haidilao - the chain of restaurants

If you call fresh noodles, the chef will come personally to perform the "noodles dance" professionally and beautifully as an athlete for gymnastics.

Young guests are well-maintained with high chairs, private meals and some free toys donated.

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, CEO Zhang said: "I am a province and my question is that if I get money without care, it's like a scam." That's why customer satisfaction at Heidilao is always highly appreciated and has led to positive results.

And the staff is also a god

Haidilao - the chain of restaurants

Beginning his career from scratch, director Zhang respected employees with modest incomes, but constantly strived to rise. This is obvious in the way Heidilao works in every restaurant, elsewhere, the chef will be "the most powerful" character, waiters not only serve customers but have to follow a "directive" from the chef.

But at Heidilao, waiters were free to express their opinion and ask other employees (including chefs) to support the best customer experience.

For direct managers, Heydil takes 3% of the branch's profit as a bonus every month. According to Forbes, this money has become a great incentive to manage employee support, always directing their branches to outperforming expectations.

In addition, Haidilao promotes and "bravely rewards" ideas that can increase customer satisfaction such as instances of a phone for food protection, hot facial wipes, hair straps, aprons …

Excellent employees also receive housing subsidies, help for parents, fees for their children … Heydilao also sends part of the "committee" if employees successfully introduce friends or relatives to work. ,

Haidilao - the chain of restaurants

But this is just the surface of the iceberg, policies can easily be copied by the enemy. Director Jang is known to say: "Employees are more important than clients," and he proved that this was not a conversation.

Beginning with a promotional policy for employees who work in Heydillah, the daily chain does not hire "strangers" to manage long-term employees. It sounds a bit extreme, but that direction has brought many benefits to Heydil. The first is to create a sense of fairness for employees when all managers also start from the lowest positions.

The spirit of work has to be improved at all, all employees have the opportunity to develop their careers when the leadership position will belong to the best in the restaurant. A well-known American newspaper was glad that this policy helped an employee work hard to become a branch manager at one of Haydilao's biggest restaurants in the United States.

Haidilao - the chain of restaurants

In 2010, Heydillah also set up a training school to speed up many Heidilao's professional managers to cope with the fast pace of the chain.

All this has made Heydillo the highest loyalty group in China with 10% of the rest of the staff, and the leave rate is almost 0%.


Haidilao - the chain of restaurants

Heydil has quickly become a food industry, hundreds of alternative stores are emerging in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The restaurant chain has grown rapidly internationally with locations in the United States, Singapore, Australia, Korea and Japan.

In terms of revenue, Haidilao ended in 2017 with $ 1.6 billion. In September 2018, Heydilao successfully named $ 1 billion through IPO, raising the group's value to $ 12 billion.

Zhang and his wife, as the jointly miserable Shu Ping currently own 58% of shares with total assets over $ 8 billion.

With the original building model, aimed at both customers and employees, Haidilao is expected to take very long steps in the future.

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