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Mr Tran Quoc Vuong: trăm Hundreds of foreigners have been committing a crime for a long time without finding & # 39; | Events


Speaking at a conference summarizing the 10-year campaign "Vietnamese prioritize the use of Vietnamese goods" (Morning Campaign) 2.8, Politburo Member, Permanent Secretary of the Tran Quook Vuong Party Committee estimated 10 years since the campaign's completion many outstanding results, especially many high quality Vietnamese brands, have a relatively large market share in the distribution system.

Referring to the results of the case study in a summary report of 10 years since the campaign on the share of people confirming that they will prioritize the use of Vietnamese goods, Mr Voong estimated these figures to be impressive, despite not much change .

"2010 is 59%; in 2014 it was 63%; In 2019 it was 67%, which means that there is a gradual increase, though not much. We need to try more here, "Mr Vuong said and emphasized that the results achieved over the last 10 years confirmed that the campaign was the right policy, a profound sense contributing to the transformation of consumer awareness for the production and consumption of Vietnamese goods; At the same time, a new face of Vietnamese goods is emerging in the market, confirming the rise of Vietnamese enterprises.

Production of counterfeit goods for several years in areas where the authorities are not aware

According to the Standing Committee of the Secretariat, although many achievements have been made, the implementation of the campaign is still difficult, challenging and limited. Some committees, bodies, offices and agencies at all levels did not pay due attention to the implementation of the campaign. The Local Steering Committee has not taken the initiative in consulting the Party Committee on the conclusions of the Politburo and the Secretariat on this campaign.

Referring to the data in the poll of the campaign, Mr Voong said that people appreciated the role of committees, the authorities, the Fatherland Front in reducing traffic and I think I should try more.

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Member of the Politburo, Permanent Secretary of the Tran Quoc Vuong Party Committee (center); Mr. Tran Than Mann, Chairman of the Committee on the Frontline of the Fatherland in Vietnam (2nd from right); Deputy Prime Minister Trin Ding Dong (second, left) chairs the conference

Another limitation, according to the Standing Committee of the Secretariat, is that the government of some functional agencies is still missing; market surveillance and control are not regular. The situation with counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods, smuggling goods, substandard goods and dangerous goods is common in many places.

"This is a very painful problem. This is to strike the prestige of Vietnamese goods, to hit the production of Vietnamese people. I cannot say now that functional food is made from charcoal, "said Vuong.

Further analyzing the matter, Mr Vuong said that in order to address this situation, it is the responsibility of the government, the executive committee and the mass media agencies. "Everything is happening at the facility. (False) people produce for several years in such a residential area, but the government does not know what to do? "Said Mr. Voong.

Giving nearly 400 Chinese people operating a high-end gambling line

How to make Vietnamese dominate the retail market

As for the direction ahead, Mr Vuong said that the campaign should be strong, creative, more practical and stressing that the core of the campaign should be market dominance, securing production for Vietnamese promotional goods domestic production, not normal movement.

One of the tasks highlighted by Mr Vuong is that the authorities should pay attention and help businesses and manufacturers to solve problems and concentrate on connecting supply and demand; promote links between manufacturers – distributors – consumers. The state supports businesses to build product brands and protect intellectual property rights. Pay attention to encourage the internal market to grow healthily, to increase consumers' ability to get closer to Vietnamese products.
"We want to emphasize here that our internal market is huge. A country of nearly 100 million people, a huge market. Therefore, the retail stage must pay close attention. Sometimes we see a lot of scary information that almost all local brands and supermarkets are implemented by foreigners. Of course, we are integrating internationally, but how Vietnamese should dominate the retail market, "said Vuong.

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