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Mr. Trump threatens to raise taxes on Chinese goods: "I want to do it!

Mr Trump threatens to raise taxes on Chinese goods: You want to do this! - Picture 1.

US President Donald Trump – Photo: EPA-EFE

"We still have a long way to go if we want to tax imported goods on Chinese goods." There are still $ 325 billion in Chinese goods that we can tax if we want, "US President Donald Trump told the White House office on July 16 (in the US).

"We are negotiating a trade deal with China, but I wish they did not break the deal," he said.

According to Bloomberg News, US stocks fell immediately after this statement by Mr. Trump.

Turning to the trading session on July 16, the Dow Jones dropped 23.53 points (equivalent to 0.1%) to 27,335.63 points, ending 4 days with a "red line". , Meanwhile, the S & P 500 fell 0.3 percent to 3,003.04 points, ending a series of 5 consecutive sessions.

Trump's statement continues to create ambiguity about the future of the war, although he and Chinese President Cing Dengpin have reached a "ceasefire" and have agreed to resume US-China trade talks at the G20 summit in Japan at the end June.

At that time, the American leader said he would postpone the import tax of about $ 300 billion from other Chinese goods. The American leader also said that he promised to buy a large part of the agricultural production from American farmers.

However, Chinese officials, familiar with the discussion, said the two sides had not reached an agreement to buy large quantities of agricultural products from the United States. After the meeting in late June, there was no such far-reaching agricultural deal.

It is expected that US Treasury Secretary Stephen Munchin and US Sales Representative Robert Lahtiser will call with China's leading trade negotiators this week.

Two US negotiators are likely to come to Beijing to meet Chinese officials if the invitations are effective.

Over the last few days, President Trump has continued to exert pressure on China through a tweed tweed series. Earlier this week, Mr Trump has suggested that US tariffs have the desired effect in choking the Chinese economy.

The official data released by China this week showed China's economic growth rate in the second quarter was only 6.2%, the lowest level in almost three decades.

Last week, the US leader also complained that China did not fulfill its promise to increase US agricultural goods purchases.

Earlier this week, Mr Trump's leading economic adviser Larry Kudlow also suggested buying large quantities of US agricultural products as a necessary step for US-Chinese trade negotiations.

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