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"Mr. Tu" led more than 100 girls in hugs, sexual coffee

Saturday, 18/05/2019 08:29 (GMT + 7)

Under the cover of a high-paid, low-paid job, Do Tu Tuan and his accomplices lied to more than 100 girls to cover up cafes and massages.

On May 17, the Criminal Police Group (3rd Division, Criminal Police Division, Ho Chi Minh Police Department) said that after successfully destroying a line of illegal detention and rape due to Xuan Tuan (27 years old living in Thanh Hoa ) leads.

& # 34; Xiu & brought more than 100 girls into hugs, sexually aroused - 1

Whether Siuan Tuan is at the head. Photo: NGUYEN TRA.

You threaten to cut your hair, shave your head, clean your clothes

For just over a week, the police invite 47 people, including managers, merchants, employees, victims … to release 13 girls from coffee hugs, sex massage …

Police are investigating the traffic behavior of this line.

An urgent destruction project only for a short time, but he left a lot of mania about the scouts, loaded with complex tricks and cruelty. "I am only 17 years old," said Lieutenant Colonel May Thoh Nath, Captain of the Criminal Division of the Task Force.

Accordingly, the key to the case starts with the help of a cheating girl to sell the Truong Phat massage parlor (Nguyen Anh Thu, Ba Diem municipality, Hoc Mon district). The moment she knew she was deceived, the girl insisted she did not do dirty work and protested. This group of people have asked to return to the family to give 8 million to redeem their daughter.

Quietly, on May 6, when the mother just came to surrender the money, the intelligence group coordinated with Hoc Mon Crime went in and caught the bishops and invited these 7 local community employees to work.

Henceforth, fraudulent employment and illegal detained persons are gradually emerging. Accordingly, their trick is to hire high-paid, light-weight workers on the internet to lure carefree girls.

As soon as someone calls, they will sign up for a sweet and sweet address from 10-50 million / month. "There are victims on the road who have been deprived of their property: lines and telephones. The huge protest will be pushed in the middle of the night. As every girl is brought to the successful caves, Tuan and his accomplices will receive between 3 and 10 million dollars, "the group said.

In the first shop I saw that the beautiful employee did not agree to do it because she knew it was sexually stimulating coffee. The two men took me back to the car again. In the car a man threatened to cut his face, cut his hair, take off his clothes if he dared to run, "said Mrs. L.

For the second store, the owner was sweet: "They just do the same job as a husband and wife, trying to pay all 5 million, will return," recalls L. Accordingly, they asked her to stay working for 4 months.

In this café, women need to carry water for clients and serve sex or sex if customers want, the owner requires 300,000 / time. The guest has to pay the owner but will be entitled to 60,000 VND / time after the expiration of the contract.

The shop covers only the night, the other items like condoms, toilet paper …, the girls have to take care of themselves.

Total power of judgment

The girls were then taken to Ho Chi Minh and in the provinces of Bean Duong and Dong Nay … Many girls were interrupted to get in touch with their families.

& # 34; Xiu & brought more than 100 girls in hugs, sexually aroused - 2

Tuan and his accomplices are being prosecuted for their illegal detention and robbery. Photo: NGUYEN TRA.

From the records gathered with the testimony of the accused, in just 3 days, the formation team formed a full effort to coordinate with the local police to check 5 points in Ho Chi Minh and the provinces, including: Cafe 79 (Dong Nai), Gia Minh Karaoke Hotel, Nha Binh Duong, Ngan Binh (Binh Duong), Ly Ly Cafe (Dong Nai), Tien Dat Cafe (Dong Nai).

"As soon as we found this line, we quickly identified that person's identity before we co-operated with Bin Din's police when we realized that the object had appeared here a step closer to him than he had just arrived, Tuan flew to Hanoi, Major Nguyen Sian Lan, Deputy Chief of the Special Criminal Section, was the man who flies to Hanoi to catch Tuan and Hoang, "said Lt. Col. May Thoh Hung.

& # 34; Xiu & bring more than 100 girls to hug coffee, sexually - 3

Electric sockets, weapons, knives … collected in aphrodisiac coffee. Photo: NGUYEN TRA.

It was only when he learned that Tuan was summed up that he was on his way to the team from the airport to the crew, if the group's intelligence officers were really breathing. The Tuana Investigation Agency recognizes behavior. Accordingly, he uses Nam's name to trade with people who hire people and sell them to massages, karaoke and sexually stimulating coffee.

Accordingly, Twain and his accomplices have committed more than 100 cases, the winnings earned on each case will be divided according to the role and capacity of each person.

According to the soldiers, the successful destruction is not only the effort of the working group, but also thanks to the enthusiastic support of the police in the cities, provinces and settlements: police police of Hanoi and Congo. Binh Dinh Province, Tan Uyen Police, Vinh Cuu, Long Thanh, Thuan Giao, Hiep Phuoc (Nha Be) …

The project broke, 13 girls were rescued, and the other girls – where are they? ".

CSDT Police Department of Ho Chi Minh issued a detention decision with five indictees: Do Xuan Tuan (another Nam is 27 years in Thanh Hoa), Nguyen Huy Hoang (21 years in Binh Chanh), Trinh Duke Hung (41 years old in Hoch Mon), May Ngoc Luong (24 years old in Hoch Mon), and Fan Fuck Tien (25 years, area 8) for acts of unlawfully arrested people and forcing property.

4 female sexual arousal staff in a massage facility

4 women from the Tokuda massage facility were captured at guest guest sex massage.

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