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MU was deceived, Real Madrid canceled Pogba's talks

– MU is forgiven, Real Madrid stops talks with Paul Pogba, because the excessive demands of the French midfielder are the latest football news today, April 26.

MU risk being "cut off" by Jadon Sancho

Manchester United suffered a painful blow when Real Madrid desperately wanted to "cut off his hands on Borussia Dortmund's top goal" Jadon Sancho.

MU was forged, Real Madrid stopped negotiating with Pogba
Ambition to buy Sancho from Manchester is at risk of being demolished by Real Madrid

According to Independent, MU identifies Jadon Sancho as a priority goal this summer, during the recovery of Solsjayer's Old Trafford.

MU sublime the first few months under Solskjaer, but has fallen in recent weeks, losing 7 out of 9 frantic chances to finish in the fourth Premiership to receive tickets to the Champions League next season.

Sancho is still young but he played very impressive for Dortmund this season, with 12 goals and 18 assists in 39 appearances.

However, according to Italy's goal, Manchester United could be hurt when Zidane directed Sancho and Real Madrid, ready to take the weight to take the 19-year-old, although Dortmund screamed up to 180 million euros.

The source also said that Zidane had been given up to 500 million euros to buy this summer, so he would buy big things and also clean it hard.

With the ambitious plan of Real Madrid next season, Jadon Sancho is not only that other potential stars are also easier to follow than Zidane than Solskjaer and MU.

Real Madrid stopped talks with Paul Pobga

El Confidencial has announced that President Florentino Perez has ordered Real Madrid to stop talks with Paul Pogba about his move to Bernabeu this summer.

MU was forged, Real Madrid stopped negotiating with Pogba
Pugba asked too much, Real Madrid stopped the negotiations with the French midfielder

The reason for this: the White House's tycoon was stunned by Paul Pogba's personal demands, the insistence of the agent – the big stubborn Mino Raiola, so the president of Real Madrid decided to stop the talks. talk, inform: they can review the situation at the end of the season.

However, the source adds, Pugba can bring Real Madrid back to negotiations if he does so: openly wants to leave his university and sign a contract with the Spanish royal team. Meanwhile, the Real Madrid team will encourage the exchange of red for the transfer fee of the French midfielder.

But that is true, but Real Madrid will not treat the deal with Pugba's demands.

Paul Pugba is likened to a "testimony," he can rebel at any time. However, Zidane believes there will be a way to help a compatriot show his best performance.


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