Monday , October 18 2021

MU won 5 friendly matches: Don't try to spray!


Good signs

"We are happy to see the players play in the best of pre-season games," coach Solskjaer told the press. Perhaps, given the experimental perspective, the Norwegian teacher is the happiest person.

MU won 5 friendly matches: Don't try to spray! - 1

Mason Greenwood shines on the friendly scene

Because those who have made a mark on MU in their last 5 wins (before Perth Glory, Leeds United, Inter, Tottenham and Kristiansund) are very young players.

Mason Greenwood is a bright place to look forward to. Only until the IC Cup did the new grave of the world see the genius of MU play. Experiencing the experience, Mason Greenwood showed a bright spot and could completely turn into Marcus Rushford on Monday over the past few years.

The 17-year-old striker has an extremely sweet left foot with a terrific goal-scoring ability. These "young bamboo shoots" have extremely "sensitive" ankles. It can swing scandalous shots, even when close to your feet. This is a skill that not all young players can master. A Youtube page summarizes Mason Greenwood's beats with the caption: "Who do the photos look like?" There are other surprising details, each one of Mason Greenwood's gestures resembling the odd Van Persie.

Apart from Mason Greenwood, other young MU players such as Angel Gomez, Andreas Pereira, Tait Chong, James Garner … all participated in the creation or introduction of the Reds in past games.

Two recruits Aaron Van-Bissaka and Daniel James also showed good integration. In it, Aaron Wan-Bissaka shows that he deserves choice No. 1 in Manchester United's right-back position next season. Fox Sports also lists the 10 most impressive players in the friendly series.

Statistics show that Aaron Van Bissaka's successful passing in the past matches is 91%. It is the player who has the best connection with Paul Pogba (who was placed at the center of Solskjaer's MU game).

No need to worry!

However, full competition in friendly series is … quite normal, because MU's opponents are in most cases not strong and did not play with the heat. Therefore, Coach Solskjaer confirmed that the results in the friendly series did not reflect anything.

MU won 5 friendly matches: Don't try to spray! - 2

MU's goal of completing is not high

Of course, there are still things that MU has to overcome, as the MU striker is not very good. According to statistics, the Red Devils have shot a total of 109 shots in their last 5 games but have scored only 10 goals. As a result, the club goal conversion rate in Manchester City is only around 9%.

As for the match against Christiankund, MU fired 33 shots in the end, hitting the goal 12 times, but they also scored only one goal from the penalty spot.

Watching the past games, Solskjaer almost only used Boyen or Rushford as bait. In the meantime, the satellite's ability to break through midfield is rather weak. If the Norwegian teacher continues to apply this style during the season, MU may lose many goals.

In addition, at this time, MU has only one reliable midfielder, Lindelof. Players like Phil Jones and Smalling are not good players. Meanwhile, Eric Bailey has a long-term injury. This prompted MU to hire Harry Maguire.

Obviously, Coach Solskjaer saw the problem with defense. But this time, the Harry Maguire deal suddenly came to a halt from too much demand for Lester City (£ 80 million). If you miss this deal, MU may have to pay the price.

As Solskjaer's coach once said, "MU still has a lot of things to improve. Don't look at friendly results. "Obviously his caution is not too much. If you want to fly high, MU needs to show stability in positions.


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