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"National husband" used to donate his wife, his car and his money to a "woman" on television

Thursday, February 14, 2019 (GMT + 7)

The two actors Tan Bin – Ngoc Lan are excited to show off their bad habits when they talk about family life.

Appears in episode 7 Deciphering IntimateVbiz's "family model" pair surprised the audience with interesting tips in family life.

The beautiful "Kieu Kieu" Ngoc Lan coincides with her husband

Known by the audience as an actor with a series of successful television roles, they both left the audience a good impression through the fairytale love before going home, both of whom were friends. Ten years of triathlon witnessed many ups and downs in the life of the enemy.

Come on with Forever forever"Mr. Ngoc Lan commune shared:" I love Ngoc Lan after her time to deal. Lan is a strong man, but there are tears behind those events they know. can sympathize and share with her more things in life. "

Both tasted the taste of the water

Recognizing himself as "spoiled" before experiencing feelings about Ngoq Lan, Tan Bin added, "Since the day he met with Ngoq Lan, Bin has changed many of his bad qualities from a stubborn, corrupt young man. Bin, who takes care of my family, because they all see because of the great love of Ngoc Lan.

As for Ngoc Lan, the actress confidently understood her husband to 70% after 10 years together and 3 years living together. However, when they participated in the "Challenge," the pair responded only to the 5/10 match given by the program.

The actress of 1985 also admits to using Tan Bin: "In times of sadness, loneliness or problems at work, life pulls you to miss … Anh Binh is someone who is very masculine, he he only hears it.When something happens, only one person will just listen … "

Although many words have wings for each other, the couple still does not forget to "reveal" the evil of the enemy just on TV. Honestly, a "peasant" wife is the one who does not know the housewife when asked: "Who is the best woman industrialist Ngoq Lan?"

Ngoc Lan also replied to her husband when she thought her husband was too strong and had to be very diligent, so he often complained about the smallest things in the family.

At the end of the program, the couple thanked each other and apologized for their 10-year journey together and today builds a happy family. Ngoc Lan said that during the first few years he always thought he would prepare delicious food for Tan Bin. With the sharing of his wife, the actor could not help but embrace his wife, making the audience admire.


Ngoc Lan said it was her most memorable birthday when she had been constantly wearing this surprise to Mr. Thanh Bin …

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