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Near Thet I will take care of my grandchildren when I get married

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Killed by her husband and screaming like a food stick, she quietly lifted her baby's embrace, though Thet was near.

Near New Year, new children embrace suffering when they get rich

Near Tetus I must keep my son returning to my homeland.

It is not always possible to get wealthy husbands, houses, cars, etc., as well as luck for women. There are people who, while they are powerless, hug their children with foreign homes, suffer when they become rich.

Mother 1 child in history, published in the denominations of NEU, is an example. Sharing her story, she hopes the girls will look there and have a more refined choice.

She is a beautiful girl, good at school, as high school chases many people. She graduated from a university, working for a private company, a salary of 18 million per month, excluding bonuses. It is considered a high salary compared to many people.

She knew her husband when she finished. He is one year older than her and is a wealthy man when she has her own house and personal car and earns 10 times more money from her. Looking at herself as a "beautiful, mainstream," she thought nothing of her husband without a rich husband so her life would be stable later, just stay home and take care of your children.

After marrying, she was allowed to stay at her husband's estate and inherit her husband's old car. She was asked by her husband's family to work in the country, lower salaries, but more time.

Life is really full as she gets pregnant and gives birth. She and her husband often argued that every time she was in conflict she was told she was a stalker from her husband.

Sometimes I think my husband is right when everything I have from home is a car for my husband. Instead of protesting, she decided to endure, trying obediently to take care of her husband and her children.

But finally came the point of the conflict. It was the day that Tet was approaching, her son was sick, his husband went to receive guests and sang a karaoke "wiggle" all night. When she commented, her husband slapped her face and cursed: "It's nothing in this house, it's all about me, my parents help everybody … I work so hard, every child is giving birth, raising children, it also lets me get sick and get in. Knowing this, I I did not marry her.

He simply was silent, then packed his belongings and hugged his son outside, even though Thet was near. Her husband said only one sentence: – Does he return? Anyway, it can not be returned. Stay there.

So far, she still did not know when the couple had just done well or never healed. She wanted her not to marry a rich husband in the past or even take her away, she still had to work to be financially autonomous. She did not need a villa, nor did she need a car but a small but cozy home.

The story attracts more than 5000 likes and thousands of comments. Most nets have said that the girl's fault is not to enrich, but to choose to put her life in the hands of others.

"Your problem is getting a bad husband, not a rich spouse. And most importantly, such a good sister and her choice depend on others. It's not too late, choose it again, " One name is shared.

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