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New life of the Vietnamese-German twin

Saturday, January 26, 2019 13:00 (GMT + 7)

Mr. Nguyen Duke is not only a senior worker in the family but also the head of the Orange Charity Victim Assistance Society.

The German Nihon restaurant is Japanese style of Nguyen Duc at 491/6 Tran Hung Dao, district 1, Ho Chi Minh. A small alley, a small shop, but a rather overcrowded Japanese evening at dinner. They came to see him before going to the table and said that many Japanese knew about him. Every time visitors arrived, Nguyen Duke quickly came out with a pair of crutches to stand up against the guest table. I was just about to help the chair, but he said very seriously, "You can do it yourself!".

New life of the Vietnamese-German twin brother - 1

Nguyen Duke and Japanese guests visited his German restaurant Nihon on January 22. Photo: HONG MINH

Wearing a large family

I met again with Nguyen Duc when he "escaped" two wooden crutches to a 5-kilometer trip to popularize a program for people with disabilities in Ho Chi Minh in early January this year. Recognition of health decreases after kidney surgery two years ago, but he wants his spirit to encourage many other people with disabilities to think and dare to do so. "Nobody lives forever, so they try to do very useful things. I will work hard to see my children grow up until at least 18, "he said.

Nguyen Duke has two twin boys, a nine year old girl. Although funds spent on children are increasing, he has not asked for a denial or reduction from the day they went to school. I want to fulfill the responsibility of the citizens like many others, I do not want my children to benefit only because their father has disabilities, "he said.

The German restaurant Nihon is run by a friend and friend. Every day after working in Tu Tu Hospital's administrative office, he returns home to spend time with his business. Although the store is small and located in a promenade, many local and foreign friends often come to support and bring new customers, so the number of customers is quite stable.

The amount of money he spends with his friend to open the store is from the income of his left hand: a guide. He is the "traveling ambassador" of many Japanese tourist companies with a tour of the south – the Mekong Delta. Many tourists come to this tour because they want to have an inner, contemplative experience of life rather than just exploring new lands.

He is also a familiar face of Vietnamese-Japanese cultural exchange, Japanese and Japanese people are too attached to it. The name of Duke Nihon also means "Japan". His height is small, but he can do two or three things at the same time because he says, "I have a big family to worry about, and my children, my wives and my mother-in-law count on me.

Pay for Thanksgiving

German eyes shone when they talked about their children and small families. But his face became sad when someone asked his biological parents. The guilt and pain that has been abandoned by their parents since childhood, though closed, is still a sad story so far. "I do not blame my parents for everyone having their own scene, is not it? I try to spend a lot of love, time for my children, because I did not get it, "he said.

Nguyen Duke believed he had always felt that his life was happy because he met Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Fuong, who decided to dissect the Vietnamese-German twins when Nguyen Viet was suffering from brain disease and fell into a coma. He always said, "Without Fuun's cheeks and cheeks, the three of Tu Tu do not have Nguyen Duke today." He also said he was happier than many people because he was helped to learn, to be well informed, to have a solid job. It is an important foundation for creating a happy life like now.

He also said that he is always grateful to Japan because there is a foster father and other relatives here. Two children named Fuji and Cherry as a reminder of Japan are always part of it. Song For a beautiful and popular world in Japan by Masaya Ishikawa and Toshiaki Uchiomoto is a song describing the life of Nguyen Duke, the orange pain and the rise of Vietnamese people.

Duke said he thought and was responsible to the community. Once he worked in Japan, he founded a non-governmental organization called "For a Wonderful World" to raise funds to help the victims of the Orange Agency in Vietnam. Thousands of people have been assisted in this fund and donated gifts, many students have received scholarships, some students from Orange agent infected children are sponsored to study at a university. "I will have time for the public activities that I need. I hope my health will not fall anymore, because there is still work to be done, "he said.

Overcoming pressure will succeed

I still remember the difficult days, the poor health, my irritation from friends, the learning of losses … At that time I was very guilty, but there was no one to share with me. Once I thought negatively, I surrendered, but then I decided to go on, do not waste any more time and health. I find myself very stubborn, very stubborn, nothing can fall.

New life of the Vietnamese-German twin brother - 2

Nguyen Duc (crutchman) participates in a race for the community. Photo: HONG MINH

Now I have a family of five people on my shoulder who sometimes feel pressure, but I know I will go through all this. I feel happy, happy with my life.

The secret that helps you in life is Feko's life is to correct life appropriately.

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