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Not a crocodile cut, this gift of Kang Daniel (Wanna One) makes fans unable to take their eyes off

On January 25th, Wanna One's second concert was held in joy and regret by fans. The group that came out of "Produce 101" continued to impress an impressive and exciting repertoire of fans. The second most popular member, Khan Daniel, also had a cover screen on hit "Rainism."

"Rainism" – Khan Daniel (Wanna One) cover

Rain Bi Rain biography is a song that has not been successfully covered by other idol groups such as Jungkook (BTS) or Dahyun (TWICE), but fans still can not take a look from every dance of a "national center."

I always knew he was a great dancer, but his new singing skills surprised me most.

– "I could not stop watching this performance, the song is too good for Kang Daniel, look at every movement on his body, he can not take his eyes off."

"He covers this song with his own style, instead of copying the style of Rain, and he also has a very good voice.

– "I really look forward to his solo debut. We finally saw a great solo solo of masculine mastery. Above all, it has a strong phenomenon and great public recognition. is that he chooses the right song, he has nothing to worry about because he will surely have great success.

Despite the tall door with the elegant suit, the charm of the male idol did not cool. Even fans are more excited and happy to know that this is a gift in exchange for fans' wishes to see his Bi Rain sunshade.

The dress was discreet, but the male idol, born in 1996, still conquers the fans with their powerful, impressive choreography

Not a cropped crocodile, this gift of Kang Daniel (Wanna One) just makes fans unable to keep their eyes off - Picture 3.

Previously, on the day of the first concert, Kang Daniel made fans unable to take their eyes off clothing to show their firmness.

After the break with Wanna One, the "National Center" will debut as a solo performer in April. Thanks to the perfection of both appearance and talent, and great support from fans, Kang Daniel is expected to be the next exclusive name of Kpop.

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