Saturday , July 31 2021

Party Committee Secretary Ha Noi: Education of the capital city is very caring

photo 1Head of the Vietnam Communist Party Propaganda Department Nguyen Van Phong reported the initial results of the implementation of Resolution No. 29

This morning, November 17, the Hanoi Party Committee explained the implementation of five years of Resolution No. 29-NQ / TW dated 4 November 2013 from the Central Committee of the Party Central Committee on "education and training (GDET), fulfilling the requirements of industrialization and modernization in the context of a socialist-oriented market economy and international integration."

Over the past five years, implementing Resolution 29, Hanoi has always identified renovations and basic and comprehensive education, improving the quality of human resources, building civilized and civilized Hanoi people. The requirements of the new era are mission critical. This is also one of three city breakthroughs that have been demonstrated by the XVI City Congress Party Congress.

In particular, the head of the Hanoi Party Committee for Propaganda and Nguyen Van Phong Training said that in the last period, the city always paid attention to creating all the resources to invest in facilities and build teams of teachers and administrators. education and conditions to improve the quality of education.

In 2017, the national standard school level in all cities will reach 52% (62% of which will be 66% in 2018).

At the same time, the school network was expanded. The private education system in Hanoi is developing …

"All of these results have made Hanoi continue to be a leading country in the field of education and training," – said the Head of the Nguyen Van Phong Propaganda Commission and Training.

photo 2Party Secretary Hoang Trung Hai spoke at the meeting

After listening to Hanoi's Director of Education and Training Chu Xuan Dung and a number of delegates discussed more clearly the achievements and problems faced by the capital education sector, Politburo Members, Secretary of Hanoi Party Committee Chairman Hoang Trung Hai insisted that the spirit of Resolution No.29 was fully understood. Recently, Hanoi has prioritized investment and mobilized the power of the entire political system to regulate change. GDT is new and comprehensive.

However, the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party also frankly acknowledges the education sector has limitations, weaknesses, attention to some issues does not meet the expectations and expectations of society and society.

For example, planning a school network is inadequate, especially many urban areas and new industrial parks have given a lot of pressure, which has led to a lack of schools and classrooms.

The limited capacity of the number of education administrators and teachers is limited, in particular, there are some teachers who violate the rules on professionalism and ethical violations on teachers. public opinion …

Emphasize that education and training together with science and technology will determine the development and competitiveness of cities and countries, Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Hoang Trung Hai asked party committees, authorities, the City will continue to implement the central Resolution 29 seriously and effectively. In the near future, attention must be paid to the effective implementation of state management reforms on education and training.

"Specifically, to improve the effectiveness of moral education, lifestyle, life skills for students; improve school security, security, build a school culture and school environment that is healthy, democratic and disciplined," said the head of the Hanoi Party Committee.

In addition, Party Secretary Hoang Trung Hai also proposed planning, setting up a network of educational and training institutions in line with construction planning, socio-economic development planning; Promote dissemination of education and training; Strengthening work-oriented vocational education and post-secondary education; prioritizing training related to social practices and needs, avoiding the situation of "overly loyal teachers, lack of workers" …

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