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People in the capital "shook" the smell of dairy flowers in the middle of the summer, experts explained the reason

Saturday, May 18, 201 00:34 (GMT + 7)

Milk Flowers – Autumn Symbol Hanoi is blooming right in the middle of summer, which makes people surprise and "smell" the smell.


Flower of milk thrive on many streets in Hanoi even in early May.

In the last few days, Hanoi is in the hot summer heat when outdoor temperatures sometimes exceed 40 degrees Celsius. The hot sun adds a strong milk flavor to some streets to become obsessed with by many Metropolitan people.

Milk flowers – a typical flower of the autumn of Hanoi, often bloom in August-November each year, but bloom right in early May when the summer season has reached more than 10 days (6/5).

On some streets like "I", "Trung Hoa", "Throne Dee Hugh" … most of the dairy flower plants blossomed. Even the last batch of fruit of the season has not yet faded, the tree bloomed in the new season.

On this issue, on May 17, swapping with PV, Dr. Dang van Ha – Deputy Director of the Institute of Landscape Architecture and Interior (University of Forestry) said that dairy flowers bloom in May is a phenomenon. Seasonal flowering plants. Every year, milky flowers are still blooming earlier, but hatching in May, and densely-squeezed scales like the present are quite "odd."


The suffocating heat with the smell of dairy flowers makes many people in the capital feel embarrassed.

The reason for this phenomenon, according to Dr. Ha, is due to the change of weather, especially the warm weather. Changing temperature and humidity and other environmental factors do not matter.

"Plants grow and bloom and produce fruit with seasons. Each tree has its own biological characteristics when the plant blooms its internal results, the hormones change, stimulating the differentiation of the flower buds that make the flower come out early, says Dr. Ha.

Dr. Ha also said that hot weather is like the flowers of milk that bloom, so the scent will make many people awkward. If it's cold, the flavor will be better.

Sharing the same view with Dr. Ha, Nguyen Lan Hung, a green expert, said that the flower milk flowering on the first of May was due to the fact that it was too hot in April to appear early, causing the flower to bloom early.

– Some trees, when it gets too hot, will blossom early. This is a normal phenomenon in the trees, which is not very unusual, "said Hun.

Expert Nguyen Lan Hoon also said that planting of dense flowers in some streets affects people's lives. Milk flowers do not bloom for a short time, but they often bloom for several months. The milk flavor strongly affects people with respiratory illnesses.

Milk flowers have long been part of Hanoi, introducing poetry with romantic and poetic images. Many people like the aroma of dairy flowers, but many people are afraid of this smell because it is too hot when planted with high density. At one point people and some experts asked the government to cut the tree.

According to Green Park Company, in the past 10 years, Hanoi no longer processes dairy trees on the streets and gradually replaces fallen, broken dairy plants and other objects. Even many dairy farmers in Nguyen Chi Thanh Street have been replaced by pieces of flowers.

Amazing dairy flowers bloom, give a sweet smell between Hanoi

For a last week, many streets in Hanoi, such as Tran Duy Hung, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Me Tri, Nguyen Du … many flowers …

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