Tuesday , June 15 2021

Pham Quinn Anne: "I maintain good relations with my ex-husband"

The singer said she and director Quang Hue chose civilized behavior to care for their children after divorce.

– What motivates her to lead the show, to produce products continuously in the last months of the year?

"All the music products come to me like charm. I'm a man who loves to work, not a break. I do not expect life to be happy because I had no experience at the time. Moreover, over the past, employment as a precious medicine has helped me not have time to think a lot.

MV Pham Quynh Anh

MV, issued in 2018 by Pham Quynh Anh.

There are a lot of people who say I need money to run a lot of shows. In fact, this is true, although it is a bit naked. The economy is very important. I have to stabilize my economy because I start a new life and have to accumulate for the future of my two children.

I'm fine, there's been too much over the last six months. Today, parents and I were sick and that was the most worrying thing. I hope my health is good and stable because the immediate plan is still very much. But in spite of the hard work, I discovered that the efforts I spent were very decent.

The singer has been releasing music videos and singles for the last four months of the year. "Data-natural-h =" 613 "02/02 / pham-quynh-anh-7101-1549124769.jpg

The singer has played music videos and singles all the time over the last four months of the year.

– Your feelings when you do everything from the beginning?

"The last days I went to the company and knew I'd leave this place, I went quietly to see each picture. Everything is too familiar and makes me inevitable.

The old company is the fruit of the imagination that we have built together. We had a long journey together, experiencing glory and difficult times. This is a journey that not every couple can get. Some people simply get together when they are happy and happy, and when they go bankrupt, they suffer from pain. Fortunately, I and Hugh are not among them. We chose to solve civilization after we split up and still support the work of others. I recently joined an old company product.

"How do you deal with Quang Huy after the divorce?"

"Many people ask me for the secret to keep friends with old people after the breakup. In fact, there is no secret except I want to do it. What comes from the heart will be sincere. Since I love peace, there is so much hate in my heart that it will be very tiring.

Honestly, I do not want to talk about old people, old stories. It's over when you share again, it touches other people. Although I am no longer a husband and wife, I move to another country, but I still keep this relationship later. Bad stories have no couple, if it is good, it can not lead to separation. But artists are not responsible for their personal relationships in newspapers unless they want it. From marriage we always follow the rule: personal issues must be kept in the house.

Pham Quynh Anh was crying when she mentioned the marriage to Quang Hugh

Pham Quynh Anh was weeping when she mentioned her marriage to her ex-husband.

"At the press conference before divorce, she often cried. When do you live the most instinctively?

– I have to be strong in solving the problem, but I can not avoid the bad times, especially the artists who are very sensitive. At the press conference, I was mentally ready to try to hide the media, but eventually failed. I was crying because I felt like everyone loved me and took care of me.

I respect Hui, respect me and respect their relationship. I can not lie that nothing is possible, just a way to speak in a delicate way. Thank you for your respect and my preservation. I was afraid of both children and the parents of both countries were affected by this story. I was also afraid of Mr. Ung Hoang Phuc when the debut of the two brothers was influenced by my personal life. Fortunately, it all finally went.

There are noisy things out of control, but I think I have no responsibility to solve them. I'm only responsible for the fact that my family is safe. That's why I'm silent. For me now, every reason is no longer important. Because the most important thing is that we are now friends.

Pham Quynh Anh said he only wants to strive for positive things after the divorce. "Data-natural-h =" 614 "data-natural-width =" 409 "src =" https: //vcdn-giaitri.vnecdn. net / 2019/02/02 / pham-quynh-anh-2-1548989682-r-5478-8009-1549124769.jpg "style =" margin: 0px;

Pham Quynh Anh said he only wants to expect positive things after the divorce.

– People tell artists to be loving and sensitive, so they often break marriage. How do you comment?

"I feel the sorrow of people for my and Hui stories. In fact, we have kept this relationship so beautiful for ten years, so when something happens, everyone is surprised. But I think we have to move on to positive things, not to bad behavior without looking at the faces of others. I never wanted my relationship to be irreparable.

In the past, when I read the article about the artists who just divorced, I imagined it was a terrible thing. But when I got it, I found it soft. Divorce is something nobody wants, but it's not very bad. It is better to divorce yourself to be a friend than to live together under one roof, but two voices and thoughts are different.

– You go to many shows, how long will you take to take care of your children?

"Fortunately, my two grandparents and grandparents helped me take care of my children when I was away. Besides, I like to take my children to work together to get more experience with my mother. Last trip to Hanoi allowed the two sisters to follow me and invited my grandparents to visit relatives. Normally, my grandparents took care of Tue An, and Lam, after going to school, would go to my grandmother's house and grandfather to play. When there was no schedule, I welcomed Tum Lam to sleep together, so the two sisters were close. Wu Lam was old enough to know, but never asked his parents. She is very strong and delicate.

– What do you intend to do more?

– Future stories allow for the future answer. I live a little instinct, so nature always follows. When the sky gives them a charm and a suitable person, they can not resist it. For those who love peace like me, if you love someone, do not dare to show up. Normally, before they get married, no one knew me and Mr. Hui loved for 10 years. This time I will take the initiative to keep it secret if I go further.

Van Anne