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Phuong Oanh – Do not change the screen star after overnight

After playing in "Quynh Doll," the actress shines in one of the hit heroes.

The movie Quinn Doll as the big storm hit television in Vietnam at the end of 2018. She dismissed the audience's old opinion of prostitutes on the screen. "Storm" also makes vivid actors such as Phuong Oanh, Thu Quynh, Thanh Huong or Doan Quoc Dam. Besides the other three, Fung Onan is the only one not trained to play. Taking the lead role, he almost appears in every shot and is the backbone of the interactive cast.

The road to life and the road without the rose

Launched in June, Quinn Doll He immediately impressed when he brought television the real picture of women trafficking and prostitution. The movie is more discussed when it is marked as 18+ and stopped due to conflicting views. The information of the female actor, the actor Phuong Oanh, has also attracted great attention. Look at fragile beauty, the station of Phuong Oanh, many people think she is sub-richer children, grow in silk velvet. But reality is not so.

Phuong Oanh was born in 1989 in a family of 4 brothers and sisters in Ham Nam. She confesses she was born in a family and raised by her older siblings, but everything changed when events hit her ninth degree. and encountered many economic difficulties. Knowing Phuong Oanh self exam instead of going to school as peers. She agreed not to take care of herself to save her while she was determined to pass college, to the city, earning money to support her parents. Three days later, from Ha Nam to Hanoi National University, she started looking for a job. There was a time when Phuong Oan had to wash the bowl, rent a billiard to cover the school, but then he had to give up because the men were worried.

Phuong Oanh as a model.

After registering a beauty contest, Phuong Oanh contacted the modern companies and was constantly invited to shoot, the fashion podium. At the beginning of modeling, she agreed to take 3-4 exhibitions a day with several hundred thousand dong. Saved money would not only help her with her education, but could also send her parents back to pay off their debt until the family revives the economy.

During the modeling, Phuong Oanh participated in several casting ceremonies in model clubs. He began his career as a "screenwriter" without having to do much, because the director insisted "just being nice, the artists are welcome." At that time Funon Oan thought he was just having fun, but he did not intend to pursue this time. With the third film she has a major role Flying FlowersAfter studying and acting as a real actor for the first time, she learns her abilities and realizes that her new career is a real passion. Later, Phuong Oanh was invited to the movies The old lady news, Whisper passed

Phuong Oanh in the movie "Silence in the Deep".

Fuon Oan suddenly stopped to go to Singapore to study and plan to back down to be a wife. She refused to make any film invitations to the plan. But then it turned out to be a self-destructive plans for marriage. She returned to act as a way to keep busy, to forget her injuries. The wind of privacy makes her feel better and masturbate when returning to the main character Silence in the depthsThis role helped her to impress the audience and was nominated for the Golden Kite Award for Best Actress.

"Do not do it, do it, do it all the time"

There was a time when many people questioned Oung Fuong Oan in favor of the continued acceptance of the leading role. later Silence in the depths, she continued to appear Tears turnedHer acceptance of the role Quinn Doll This makes these people more consistent. The actress also said she had heard rumors of a "couple" with the director for the role. All the speculation, however, was erased, especially when her films appeared Quinn Doll,

Contractor Mai Hong Phong said Phuong Oanh was a rare case that he and the artist Do Thanh Hai, director of the VFC, quickly agreed to choose the actor for the film. Quinn DollIn addition to appearance, she has all the elements to pursue a heavy role playing the backbone of the film, even though she has not been properly trained. Phuong Oanh's full sense of humor helps her companions interact with each other as well as make emotional footage.

Do not want to be labeled as "mobile flower vases" or "beautiful film for the people," Phuong Oanh always carefully read the script, investing diligently in each role, whether the main play or the floor. Her admission to studying martial arts for months serves only a few tens of seconds when she plays the supporting role Spell of the past everyone impressed Mai Hong Kong artist. This is one of the reasons why the director of the famous hard decision to choose Phuong Oanh. On the set, artist May Hong Fong is constantly shedding tears when he witnesses the main female painful scenes of brutal beating or rape. 6 months per set, Phuong Oanh body interlaced scar, caused by scuff when the wound is not healing, others have appeared. At one point she had to take painkillers to keep acting. Excessive pressure from this role caused a psychological crisis and fell into tears. But then he decided to go outside to do the same.

Before each footage, Phuong Oanh always analyzes very carefully and regularly reviews with the director to find the best solution. Every gesture, mood, vocation … all are their tail to be truly psychological in nature. When she expresses a girl who always suppresses emotions like Quynh, she takes notes to emphasize the character of other characters such as My Wolf or Lan Cave. Even when he was criticized for being in front of the stars, Fuong Oan did not regret having done the script correctly. At the end of the movie, when the protagonist appeared more, the audience had the opportunity to correctly recognize Fungong O'Neam's role. They shed tears in their emotions and understand what they are doing for the role. Judging by the actors' contribution to the film Quinn Doll, director Mai Hong Hong confirms: "Phuong Oanh is the most difficult and deserving of greatest respect". Thu Quynh – her co-star in the movie – also commented on Phuong Oanh, though not well trained, but better than many other professional actors.

Extract from Episode 24 "Queen Doll".

The success of the role as well as the movie Quinn Doll above Phuong Oan's expectations. When she received the script, she just thought it was interesting because it reflected a new topic that had never been seen on the screen, and she would play a good role. When she was cast for the role, she did not know that this would turn her into one of the most famous figures this year, with a solid media roof and countless invitations to hold the show.

Phuong Oanh at an event in early November 2018

Fung Onan disagrees with the idea that she changed her life after one night Quinn Doll"Recognizing the effect of the film reveals a lot of opportunities for me to shine, but Fuong Oan said this success came from many factors, including blood and tears, for six months of cinema and maturity. which she traded with a six-year career. She does not see many changes in her life, because in every situation she will keep the spirit "do not do it alone, do it to do the same."

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