Friday , July 23 2021

Police arrested the former head of Vietnam's Social Security

Mr. Le Bach Hong, former Deputy Minister of MOLISA, General Director of Vietnam Social InsurancePhoto license
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Mr. Le Hong Hong is Deputy Minister of MOLISA, General Director of Vietnam Social Insurance

Vietnam's Ministry of Public Security tried the arrest of a former leader of the Vietnam Social Security on charges of deliberate action.

The Ministry of Public Security website on November 9 reported that the Police Investigation Agency under the Ministry of Public Security (C03) was investigating the deliberate attempt to act in contravention of State regulations regarding economic management which caused serious consequences. in Vietnam Social Insurance, ALCII Company and other related units.

Le Bach Hong, former director general of Vietnam Social Insurance (VSS) was charged with the defendant and detained.

Vietnam Social Insurance is a government institution under the Government and is subject to State management by the Ministry of Labor, Invalid War and Social Affairs regarding social insurance and unemployment insurance; Ministry of Health regarding health insurance; from the Ministry of Finance in the financial regime that applies to social insurance funds, unemployment insurance and health insurance.

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Mr. Hong is the Deputy Minister of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs. In 2008, Mr. Hong accepted the decision to become Director General of Vietnam Social Insurance. In 2014, Mr. Hong retired according to the regime, according to local media.

According to this decision, three other people were arrested and detained, including Nguyen Huy Ban, former Director General, Tran Tien Vy, former Head of Planning, Planning and Ministry of Finance; and Hoang Ha, former Head of Planning and Financial Planning.

These people were prosecuted for consciously violating the State's regulations on economic management, causing serious consequences as determined in Article 165 of the Criminal Code 1999.

The police investigative body of the Ministry of Public Security (C03) focused the power of its investigation to expand the case and restore the property to the State.

This decision came after the decision to adjudicate a case that deliberately contravened the State's regulations regarding economic management has caused serious consequences in this institution from 26/12/2017.

C03 then issued a decision to try the defendant on a search warrant, a ban on leaving the residence for Nguyen Phuoc Tuong, former head of Vietnam's Financial Insurance and Social Planning Section.

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