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Portrait of bosses "dig" cruelly tortured girls

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 11:31 (GMT + 7)

Though very young, the tycoon organizes a digging network that lists karaoke bars from Dak Lac at Guy Lai, which earn hundreds of millions a month.

On Jan. 22, the WYSDH district leader in Ea Haino, Dak Lak province, said the agency agreed with Ea Haleo District Police Department on the place of prosecution and prosecution. the accused and the arrest warrant for Nguyen Huy Thai (SN 1995, living in Ea Đrang, Ea Hai leo district, Dak Lak province).

Portrait of a tycoon

The theme of Nguyen Hui Tai is at the police station

The leader said that according to the results of the injury assessment, Thailand has caused 10% injuries to the victims under item 1, Art. 134, Criminal Code. As a rule, persons prosecuted under para. 1 of this article will be considered for detention or warranty. However, this is a case that caused bad public opinion in the area, so the two agencies agreed to keep the site to serve the investigation. "Once that has happened, the Ea H & # 39; leo County Prosecutor's Office also sent a report to the Dak Lak Provincial Committee, pointing out the point of view of the strict attitude. still dealing with criminal sites in Thailand, "added this leader.

Portrait of a tycoon

Nguyen Thi Nhu was cruelly tortured

Mr. Vo Dang Van, Chief of Police at the Jiu Yan Communal Police Department, said that more than a month ago, Thailand had hired a house of a resident as a karaoke place. Then I did not see a Thai temporary residence register, so the police force of the municipality went to register in the night many times but no one was at home. That is why the city police recently conducted a daily inspection. During the inspection, 10 people remained. The 6 people with ID 2 are only 14 years old. The municipal police temporarily took evidence of the people and invited the Thai office. "Thailand refuses to come in. Thailand is very quiet, very shy, tell us that we are not here long enough to register as a chi," said Mr. Van.

According to Mr. Van, a few days earlier, people with Thai thoughts beat a housewife because they do not follow guests. This girl had fled the house, so Thailand could not find it. Then people gave the girl money so she could take the car to escape. "Thai drug addicts and tattoos are full of people." During the checkup of the house, the police have also kept 7 codes, "added Mr. Van.

Portrait of a tycoon

A hot warehouse is stored in a Thai house to be used as a room for escorts

At the police office, Thailand said he specialized in organizing "kinking things" for karaoke bars in the province of Ea H'leo and Gia Lai. In the Ea H'leo district average 1 day, 1 girl works around 4 shifts and gets 200,000 VND / shifts. In it, the Thai people enjoyed 100,000 dollars and left the money for the other employees, and said the end of the month would pay for the girls. Thus, only in the Ea H'leo area, with 14 employees each day, the Thais earn more than 5 million coins from the escort's efforts. However, according to the Thais, the current focus is to develop in Gia Lai province and Ea X Leo "does not lose."

Previously, Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper reflects on December 26, 2016, Nguyen Thi Nhu Q. (17 years old living in Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak province) was invited by a friend to work in the Hanoi area. and I share a house with 13 girls who serve karaoke. Here, Thailand has asked Mr Q. to serve in karaoke bars on request. The first time I went to work was depressed by the guest, so I went out when the Thais were beaten because I did not come back. On January 13, Mr. K. was suspected of stealing four phones from the hosts, so the Thai used a handcuff 8 to handcuff and brutally beat him by 12am. By 5am The next morning.

It is proposed to prosecute three crimes with a boss

Lawyers for the rights of young women subjected to cruel torture have filed a request for an investigation into the authorities to prosecute the mogul thing …

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