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Pregnant women with a double pregnancy 7 months miserable death after a truck crash

Saturday, January 26, 2019 08:47 (GMT + 7)

After the collision with the truck carrying the building materials, the woman did not have a double pregnancy for 7 months of pathetic death.

Pregnant woman with double pregnancy 7 months miserable death after collision with a truck - 1

Instead of a tragic incident, a woman who was pregnant had a twin pregnancy at the site

At noon on January 25, in the market area of ​​Chieu Market, Tp. There, a tragic incident occurred in Dip, province of Nin Bin, that caused a woman with a double pregnancy to die.

Initial information, at that time, truck BKS 35C-061.17 transported building materials to circulate the NH1A upon arrival at the Chieu crossing zone, collisions with the BKS 18E1 176.92 motorcycles occurred due to the control of pregnant women.

The strong influence made the pregnant woman fall off the road by rolling on the steering wheel, dead on the spot.

Receiving the news, the family members came to receive the woman's body and said the victim was named D. (SN 1992, Trung Nin Province, Nam Din Province) married to Ho Chi Minh City. There Dip.

Mrs. D. is pregnant with two twin sons born in March 2019

The container rolled over the pregnant woman and the fetus from her mother's abdomen

After a collision with the container, the mother rides a pregnant motorcycle carrying a 3-year-old baby, the child dies on the spot.

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