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Problem with the sliding pool: stopped a whole project Hoang Phu socially

On Nov. 21, the Han Hoa Construction Inspectorate made a written record terminating all activities in the Dutch Hoang Phu residential area invested by Thanh Chau Co. It was necessary to issue a sanctioning decision under the regulations.

Pool without permission

On the same day, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai Thanh, director of Thanh Chau Co., Ltd., had a press conference for information on the endless pool in the Hoang Phu project. According to the documents provided by this enterprise, the Hoang Phu project covers an area of ​​11 hectares, planning an additional 85 hectares around the Co Tien Mountain. In General Plan 1/500, the project has an infinite pool in which the press is informed. At the meeting, Ms. Thanh said the business of digging land for swimming is here. The location of this excavation company is the place to be chosen as an infinite pool, as well as the long-lasting drawings on the company's website.

The answer to the question of whether the infinity pool project is licensed but the plant is implemented, Thanh explained: According to the business project, this pool has a total area of ​​about 900m2, an average depth of about 1m. At present the swimming pool is in the process of completing the detailed project, after which the competent authority will assess and license. "We dig here is a two-way job, the ground for the ground to create a restaurant floor, the part to create a pit for the pool later," said Thanh. Another important issue is that the Hoang Phu project is not yet licensed for infrastructure, the project has changed the design four times, but to date it has basically implemented the elements, even dozens of tall buildings, a solid construction here. In this regard, business representatives said they followed the basic design that was approved in 2011. The reason why businesses do not have to apply for a new building permit is that the correction is then adjusted Local, less varied than the master plan.

The management of the Han Hoa province's ministry of commerce has influenced the flow of change by building the Mount Coon water pipeline to the project and residential areas but not yet licensed, representative Hoang Phu said the problem of building this road it does not need permission because it does not affect it. Talking about the infinity pool, accumulating water is thought to be the cause of the disaster that killed four family members, a representative of Hoang Phu Company said he would actively cooperate with the police investigation to clarify the cause. ,

Who is responsible?

According to the PV newspaper, during the implementation of the Huang Phu project, the director of this business, Nguyen Thi Hoa Tahn, signed a document on 9 January 2017 at the People's Committee of the Vinh Hoa District, Nha Trang. The planting project in Kien Mountain in the Vinh Hoa area was approved by the Han Hoa National Committee, Thanh Chau. Nowadays, many households have leveled their own land in order to illegally build their houses under streams and mountain slopes, which are very dangerous for their lives if they are rainy or landslide. Thanh Chau Company has asked the Vinho County People's Committee to check and force the dismantling of construction work to avoid damage and dangers. In addition, the company Hoang Phu said: "For a long time, the water of the mountain flows from the residential area through a flow outside the project, but this stream was filled with people, there was room for home, work was done to change the flow , the deformation The last rain passed through the land of the Hoang Phu project, so when it shakes, people think this is the enterprise.

On the same day, Mr. Tran Van Dong, chairman of Vin Hua Ward, said that in the afternoon of November 21 police investigating police had reached the victim's family. On the part of people, they still believe that the owner of the project has caused the disaster rather than natural disasters. Still, everything should wait for the investigation. Responding to 2017, the Thanh Chau company sent a landslide warning, Mr East said, "You do not have to remember a long time." However, the place where this business reflects the illegal households, Mr. Dong said that many households here are long, there are new households. The new households in the area have made a list waiting for disassembly. Mr. Dong also disagrees with the explanation of Hoang Phu, the reason for the landslide is due to a flowing deformation. "This year there is a great stream, like a stream of high mountains flowing in residential areas." This stream was years ago, but the land here is very difficult, very difficult for landslide, and so far no landslide, "he added.


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