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Protected amateur, surely super-bad football 24 hours

Friday, April 26, 2019 00:04 (GMT + 7)

Almost all the players on the pitch are in trouble, and Solskayer just shook his head.

Roy Keane was angry at Gary Neville when the former Red Devil wanted to protect his health

MU continued to receive the third consecutive loss for only 8 days. It was the seventh defeat in the last nine games for hosts Old Trafford, which for the first time happened since 1962. Ole Gunnar Solskayer understands the understanding of his predecessor, Jose Mourinho, when he has a "crippled" squad.

A little from MU, Solskjaer should shake his head: Amateur defense, finish super bad - 1

Protection becomes the fatal element of MU

The defense continues to be the grave of the MU, when it admits to 9 goals in the last 3 appearances. Even the most beloved "red devils" should be bored of the wall's execution before De Gea.

In the match against Manchester City, Luc Shaw did not close and let the ball cross, and De Gea could not react. As for the other goal, Leroy eventually relaxed, and four MN defenders ran instead of horizontally. De Gea made a mistake, but it was the result of a lack of concentration.

Former United captain Roy Keane was angry with former teammate Gary Neville, trying to protect his mistakes.

"The defensive mistakes are very basic: the distance from Sane to the closest MU player is 3m, I emphasize that it is 3m This is a dangerous situation and the defensive player must follow the opponent and not It should look here or else. is the most basic thing, but they can not do it.

Former player Graeme Souness agreed with this point by pointing out that Darmian on the right is returning to Sane instead of moving to the center. Fred becomes MU's biggest "trick" when the expert loses the ball in front of the penalty area and when he needs protection, he does not see his face.

A little from MU, Solskjaer has to shake his head: Amateur defense, finish super bad - 2

The MU player was stacked while the midfielder Fred was still in the middle of the field when Sane received the ball

The crafts of currency and public goods are not bad. The last seven losses, MU have 5 games. By the number of minutes, the Red Devils did not score a real battle in 4 hours 40 minutes. The two closest targets of the Old Trafford team are made by Pogba 11 meters. The last time MU made a living situation to fight for 8 hours and 47 minutes.

This is an extremely alarming number, especially when the number of opportunities for MU is still stable. The last two games, MU players hit 19 damage but only 2 situations when the ball hit the target.

Lukaku has "shown himself" with cumbersome and clumsy work, like Marial, until Rashford begins to show signs of overload. Other players like Lingard, Sanchez or Mata played inefficiently or were not even used.

Solskjaer is gradually claiming he is not only his "cheerleader" when he organizes the MU team to play with the intention of being very clear and sharp. But the lack of concentration of defense and the ability of the bad end of the attack to make the Red Devil continue to receive bitter fruit.

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