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Pugba claims he wants to go to Real Madrid-24h Football

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 07:09 (GMT + 7)

It is reported that Paul Pogba has announced his intention to leave Manchester United with some teammates and will soon meet with MU officials to apply for a move to Real Madrid.

The Equipe in France in today's print edition on April 24 stated that Paul Pogba will send a transfer request to MU with the intention of moving to Real Madrid in the summer of 2019.

MU before the nightmare: Pogba announced he wants to go to Real Madrid - 1

Paul Pogba has stated his intention to leave his MU for some teammates and will soon meet with MU to request a transfer

The source said Pugba had said this intention to his teammates at MU, and plans to have a representative, Mino Rajola, to meet with senior MUN officials to announce this intention. According to L 'Equipe, one of Pogba's main motives is that he wants to play for a club able to compete for the Champions League, the missing title in the club collection of Pogba.

In Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane returned to head the club on March 11 and, according to most sources in the Spanish capital, the French legend was given the right to transfer from President Florentino Perez. This summer, instead of having to listen to the director of the sport. Zidane has set a number of big goals for Real, which are not only Pugba, but also Eden Hazard and Nicolas Canté.

Not only will he be able to join Real to compete for the Champions League, but it is said that Pugba planned to leave Manchester before, because he and Rajola have agreed that this "super stork" will help him to compete. in La Liga within 3 years of his return to the Medical University. Although this is just a rumor, it has appeared in the newspapers for a long time, and there is no evidence to disprove rumors.

MU before the nightmare: Pogba announced he wants to go to Real Madrid - 2

Pugba continued to receive "stone bricks" from MU fans after a short period of revival in the form of coach Solskjaer.

According to L 'Equipe, MU after a period of inspection of Paul Pogba's performance, they started to open with the intention of selling the French player. Although Pogba is one of the few excellent players in the current Red Team, he is questioned not only about motivation but also about the attitude and responsibility of the team.

At the start of the Pogba season, Jose Mourinho received the master's hand, but after a certain period of time he was down and the World Cup champion suspected he was one of the men who lost Mourinho's chair in December 2018. After a period of renaissance with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Pugba again faded in recent matches and continues to be criticized by the MU fans.

The source, confirmed between MU, Pogba and Real Madrid, will be kept secret and will deny the rumors of individual Pogba and MU players can focus on the goal of winning Champions League tickets on top of the 4th Premier League. But the meetings between the three parties will take place and after this season Pogba will leave.

Legend of MU forced Pogba to get closer to Real or stay:

The legendary "Red Devils" of Manchester United and Gary Neville criticized Paul Pogba.

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