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Pursuit of groups of black credit items using arms to control debtors

Saturday, January 26, 2019, 17:36 (GMT + 7)

Take high interest rates to bet while there is no money to repay the debt, 3 debtors are controlled by creditors and are arrested.

On January 25, Thuan An Town Police Bureau (Binh Duong) prosecuted the case, temporarily detaining three people to investigate acts of unlawful arrest and illicit storing of weapons. Military equipment.

Arrested include: Duong Kwan Hop (born in 1986); Duong Wong (born in 1994 in the same province as Nin Bin); and Douong van Doan (born in 1991 in Tuen Quang province).

Pursuit of groups of black creditors using weapons to control debtors - 1

Constituents, pros and cons of the Union

According to the initial investigation, around the beginning of 2019, Pham Van Liu (born in 1981), Tong Van Hanh (who was also in the same place as Bao Thang, Lao Cai) and Le Huu Nam (born in 1973 , HKTT, Yen Mo district, Ninh province) Binh) invited each other to bet but no money.

By introducing these entities, they contacted the Hop, Vuong Group and the Union to borrow VND 300 million to pledge the agreement if the winner had to divide 50% of the amount of the profit.

The gambling process, Liu, Hanh and Nam, lost all their money and could not pay off their debts. At that time, Hop, Vuong, and Doan grouped weapons to control Liu, Hanh's, and annual detention in an apartment in Viet-Sing residential area, Phu district, Thuan An City, and forced to contact their family members. to pay the debt.

Pursuit of groups of black credit facilities using weapons to control debtors - 2

Pursuit of groups of black creditors using weapons to control debtors - 3

Weapons caught at home

After receiving messages from people about a group of people who have been illegally arrested, the city of Tuan Ani quickly investigates and checks and quickly saves debtors from the sites. Interesting loan.

Checking the location of Hop, Wuong and the police captured 2 pistols, 30 cartridges, 5 machetes, and many papers, books, flyers, loan documents … for black credit lending.

Six young people cut off debtors in the Phan Thiet market

6 young men and women go to Ba Ria-Vong Tau to Fanthiete to rent a car and use a knife to trim the debt you have lost …

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