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(Q: XSMB January 25) The results of the North Lottery today 25/1

North Lottery Results (XSMB January 25) is rewarded at 18:15.

During the capture period XSMB Today, three special prizes, each valued at BGN 1 billion, correspond to the number 95565. In addition, 15 first prizes of BGN 10 000 000 belong to customers with identical tickets. with the number of 31663. 30 second prizes worth VND 5,000,000 match the series 92374 and 72652.

News Prize

Recently, the Lottery Company had many lucky customers who won awards for special consolation awards.

In particular, there was a customer who owned a North Lottery lottery ticket with a prize of 60824 1FX symbols rewarded on 1/3/2019. On January 5, 2019, another customer who won the ticket for a North Lottery ticket received 90522 with the 7FZ symbol.

On January 3, 2019, Capital Lottery Company Limited met with customers to win special prizes and awards for the North Lottery lottery worth VND 1,000,000,000 (one billion and forty thousand dollars).

The lucky customer living in the Ba Din district was lucky to win a special prize with a lucky number 60824 Notation 1FX.

On 30.12.2015 and 1.05.2014 there were more customers who won the special lottery prize worth 1 billion VND in the north.

In particular, there was a customer who owned the 65753 Northern Lottery Ticket and the 14FS Symbol for opening the prize on December 30, 2018.

On January 5, 2019, another customer won the North Lottery Award for the 90522 7FZ Prize.

It is known that the winning lottery bonus is 30 days from the date when the winning results are determined (the date of the prize draw). Passing this deadline, winning lottery tickets are no longer eligible for prizes, and agents who are rewarded by the lottery commission also apply a bonus period of 30 days.

It is known that since the third quarter of 2018, the awards for the Special Prize for other awards were awarded directly to customers of Capital One Member Limited Company. The total value of the remuneration of the lottery types is awarded to customers up to 280 billion.

In particular, the value of the traditional lottery prizes is VND 103,091,826,000, the lottery lottery is VND 97,934,107,000 and computer lottery is VND 80,168,200,000.

In order to create favorable conditions for customers to receive awards, the winning tickets purchased in each branch will be rewarded at the branch where customers are participating in buying tickets.

Award structure

From February 2016: Post North Vietnam to change the structure of the Delta 1 billion XSMB prize, the 5-digit lottery ticket with the NE award and the code coinciding with 1 of 3 Delta award winners (out of a total of 15 codes) will win the VND Prize of 1 billion, the remaining 12 non-identical code fares will earn a VND 50 million prize

Other names include the traditional lottery (XSTT), lottery capital (XSTD) or lottery lottery (XSHN), ticket 10000ð.

Introducing XSMB:

Traditional lottery is the first type of lottery launched in our country in 1962 and maintained so far.

This type of lottery is pre-printed before the ticket price, the numbers, letters that buyers have to visit. In particular, the determination of winning results is made after the issue of lottery tickets.

At present, our country issues a 5-digit lottery from 00000 to 99999 with 11 awards from the eighth prize to the special prize, the special country and the consolation prize.

About how to play the lottery will be divided into two categories, including the North Lottery 1-2-3 and lottery game.

North digital lottery is a lottery picked by a machine, the player can choose a series of prize numbers, including 3 sets of numbers: The first set is a one-digit number from 0 to 9; the second set of numbers is a two-digit number between 00 and 99, and a third set of numbers is a three-digit number from 000 to 999

Lottery prizes up to billions of VND, with 3 jackpot jackpots, will cost 100,000 times the amount of tickets purchased.

Unlike the North Lottery, lottery players have the right to choose their favorite numbers to participate in the prize and ask the seller to enter a lottery ticket. The nominal value of two-digit three-digit lottery tickets is 5000 VND, 10,000 VND, 20,000 VND and 50,000 VND respectively.

XSMB Find awards all days of the week.

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