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Real took 15 points behind Barca

Getafe 0-0 in the 34th round of the La Liga on April 25, Real was defeated by Barça to 15.

As a guest on the field of the team ranked fourth, Real came up against strong resistance. Getafe plays stubbornly in order to defend the Champions League position.

In the first half Real had only a few chances to finish. The most obvious of these is Karim Benzema's cross shot.

Part of the reason why the real player is not so resolved is because of all the motivation to strive. Being unable to catch up with Barca and almost winning a Top 4 position, coach Zinedine Zidane decided to give a chance to play for some young players like Brahim Diaz, Federico Valverde or Sergio Reggillon.

Brahim Diaz did not leave much impression. Photo: MD

Brahim Diaz did not leave much impression. photo: MD

Not only a good defense, Getafe also knows how to make waves to Real's frame. In the middle of the first half, if Keilor Navas goalkeeper did not consciously push the free kick, the hosts could climb.

The second half was more exciting, but it was not yet satisfactory for both. Isko missed the real chance with a six-yard failure. At the same time, in the opposite position Getafe had two times forced Nabas to make the ball save.

The start of Lucas Vasquez, Marko Asencio and Tony Kroos in 71 minutes does not have enough effect for Real. Getafe manages to use a single point of defense.

Benzema may not be the 22nd table since the start of the season in La Liga.

Benzema may not be the 22nd table since the start of the season in La Liga.

The draw resulted in only 65 points after 34 rounds, which is the worst performance in decades. Bernabeu's team is 15 points behind Barca's top team and six points behind Atletico's second team.

Meanwhile, the race to win the remaining position in Top 4 has become exciting. The fourth team, Getafe and Thursday, Sevilla, have 55 points and Valencia has 52 points, and Bilbao has 49 points. The last four rounds can lead to unexpected events.

team competition:

Getafe: Soria; Damián, Bruno, Ignasi Miquel, Cabrera; Hugo Duro (Portillo, 70), Maximimovic, Arambarri, Olivera (Angel, 56); Jaime Mata (Samu Sai, 83), Jorge Molina.

Real Madrid: Keylor; Carvajal, Varane, Nacho, Reguilon; Casemiro, Valverde (Kroes, 78); Bale (Lucas Vázquez, 70), Isco, Brahim (Asensio, 70); Benzema.

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