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"Retribution" from enemy attacks lost by the mind of the 24-hour football uniform

Wednesday, 13 February, 2019 05:34 (GMT + 7)

The execution of a nightmare in the second half made MU fail to complete the set on the day of sublimation of the South American PSG country.

Two inning against one sky

Beginning with the optimal lineup of attacking goods, the Lingard – Rashford – Martial, MU triggers many PSG difficulties in the first round of the Lingard – Martial wings race. However, when the first half was about to close, they both went to the field, after which the Red Devils started the second half with a new pair of wings: Mata-Sanchez. It was this change that left their offensive front so it could not maintain sharpness.

Solskjaer obviously has not prepared much for MU for this match. He remained faithful to the names that helped him have a sweet "honeymoon," so when he had to break the public goods right away, Salsa could not fit. Sanchez is almost lost, Mata, despite her efforts, can not change the situation alone, and Rashford becomes strangely lonely.

MU lost PSG:

Yang's bad situation with Di Maria

Speaking of the disintegration of MU in the second half, it is impossible not to mention how extremely well organized the PSG battle, although it does not have the best people in the attack. However, he accidentally made PSG play a match, regardless of any star, and put personal responsibility first. Marquinhos is actually a discovery in the "virtual 6" position. The formation of PSG in 3-4-3 revolves continuously, creating a field of enough steel and romance.

Pogba, with the familiar phase of the ball and the ball, always takes care of the PSG midfielder, thus creating the creative abilities from the middle of MU. When the stalemate, "Red Devil" also did not have plan B, but only based on the ball phase, it was extremely inaccurate from the wings of Shaw and Young. The two had no success in the second half, despite the continuous draw of the ball for them.

Days of South American Stars

There are no two South American stars, Cavani and Neimar, but in this game, the other South Africans from PSG played the game for life. From Alves, Marguinos, Tiago Silva and especially Di Maria. Former MU player had an explosive second half with two assists. MU fans can blame Di Maria for the celebrations that exaggerate, but they have to look back at the young "stroke" to make the Argentine star lying on the side of the pitch without a shot. It can be considered a "retribution" for MU.

At the same time, Alves demonstrated the quality of leadership and experience gained for top matches. He moved tirelessly and was a bridge between the teammates in all the hot situations on the pitch. From the cross of Alves to the right, Mabape headed home and made De Gea save the corner that led to the opening of the PSG. Alves' s sin to the elite led Pogba to receive its second yellow card and left another yellow Shaw card at the last minute.

Details of trophy football С1, МУ - ПЗЖ: Incredible achievement (CT)

After losing much of the home ground, MU also suffered huge losses with Paul Pogba's red card.

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