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Ronaldo J.


Ronaldo J. a dream for the next father

Tiger, born in a tiger

"He has strength, agility, good technique and quality shot," Ronaldo commented on his son's ability to play with a ball. It will be more objective if the comment comes from Juventus youth coach. However, the "Ronaldo child" skill was soon revealed in Juventus.

Only last week Ronaldo Jr. have the opportunity to return to the home of Madera, Portugal. The 9-year-old guest visits his father's museum and the U9 team is present at the Maritimo Centenary International Tournament.

More than 200 children's teams from the prestigious training base of Porto, Benfica, Atletico Madrid, should admire to watch the crowned Juventus championship. And the brightest racing name is none other than Ronaldo Jr.. with 25 goals.

Ronaldo Jr. Never take a defeat as your famous father

Ronaldo Jr. Never take a defeat as your famous father

During the tournament, Ms. Dolores did not look away from her grandson. Ronaldo's mother does not want Chris (the innocent name of Ronaldo Jr.) to spend too much time in football. Mrs Dolores wanted the nine-year-old to focus on cultural and football lessons to stand behind them.

But even Ronaldo did not stop his son's burning passion. "He is very similar to me, he has spirit and will. He likes football and does not accept defeat, said the Juventus player.

As a child, Ronaldo now did not differ from Chris. It is normal to skip school and skip football. Little Ronaldo Jr. happier than my father when I have the best conditions to pursue the ball. Last summer, the boy born in 2010 joined the Juventus training facility, scoring four goals in his debut against Lucento.

To date, Chris has scored 58 goals, 17 assists in just 23 games. If anyone does not know the origin of Ronaldo Jr., they will see this young player as a special phenomenon. But since the son of a player wins the gold ball five times, what Ronaldo Jr has done is less attractive because "the public is not the same as the pen".


Ronaldo junior influenced by the courage of his father's style of play. From the way of keeping the ball, punching, turning the heel to the skill of kicking the fence, the 9-year-old boy "cops" from the number one star Juventus. The 34-year-old is not hiding his pride when he sees a copy of his 9-year-old son: "If Chris chooses a player's career, she will succeed like me.

Obviously, Ronaldo wants his son to adapt to the highest football environment. He leads Chris at important press conferences, letting the boy go to see the big games, calling Chris on the stage to award the Golden Ball.

On the Juventus training ground, Chris, when he is free to follow Allegri's students. Ronaldo admitted that "helping Chris become a player is my dream." The Portuguese star will support his son everything he can, but not at all costs.

Because Ronaldo respects Chris's ego. He does not impose a son on the player's career; he must succeed as his father. "I'm teaching Chris to play, but being a man is his decision. I always support Chris's way. Of course, I hope Chris will become a player. But I do not push Chris, "said the Portuguese.

Ronaldo is also determined to send his son to Juventus' training center for a long time. Ronaldo's contract in Juve is still up to 2022 and can be extended. The next three to four years will be an important moment for the child's player to form a perfect skill to play. Apart from the possibility of Ronaldo hanging shoes in Juventus because life in Turin is stabilizing for the football future of his 9-year-old son.

Football stars rarely receive the same generation of talented F1. The sons of Johan Cruyff, Zinedine Zidane and Romario have an outstanding career. No one is sure that Ronaldo Jr.. will return to the legendary path of the player every 5 times to win the Golden Ball. But since Ronaldo or Messi are hundreds of players, their next generation deserves to be trusted.

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