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Saigon Central Apartment inclined to 45 cm

Residents of the other 4 blocks of the apartment in Saigon's center are worried when all 38 households have to move urgently due to a slope.

District 1 for a religious environment around the apartment to ensure safety. Photo: Duy Tran.

District 1 surrounded Lot Lot, so people did not get close. photo: Diu Tran.

County District Committee 1 has just asked the HCMC Construction Ministry to check the quality of the remaining 4 consignments from 518 Vo Van Kiet (Cau Kho Ward) to ensure people's safety. These plots are to the right of the lot E in the range of 5-100 m. Batch E is 45 cm to the left – to the Chouong Duong Primary School.

Additionally, adjacent to the Lot E side, which is inclined to 4 houses, is also likely to be affected if incidents occur. Therefore, District 1 suggested that the Ministry of Construction have opinions on whether to move these houses.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan (55) in Lot D said that in the last few days residents have still talked about the plot of E to the slope and should be moved urgently. Because it is a condominium complex, many people worry that their building is in the same position.

"Many of them are not sloping, but they are confused because the information about the dwelling in the ditch is closed." There are a few days before Thet, the government quickly evaluates so that we can know and stabilize our lives, "Lan said.

Houses in Quarter 1 require the construction department to move only 2 meters from Lot E. However, households are quite optimistic because "the apartment is tilted to the other side."


Apartment E is inclined. photo: Tang Nguyen.

Apartment 518 Vo Van Kiet was licensed by the city's chief architect in April 1996 for District 1 Residential Business Company.

In August last year, Lot E showed a downward state, making the residents dangerous. After many requests for appraisal, the Center for Housing Management and Construction Inspection (Ministry of Construction) received a result on a Lot E slope of 45 cm on 17 January – exceeding the permissible limit many times.

On 23 January, 38 households were moved from the District Committee of District 1 and the Emergency Functional Forces, then closed Block E to prevent people from approaching. The Chuong Duong Primary School must also cease to function, all students are heading to new grades.

Construction Director Throne Tong Tuan appreciated this move as necessary by guaranteeing the safety of life and property of people. Professional agencies continue to test and evaluate the quality of their work and then propose a new plan to build or strengthen E.

Diu Tran

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