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Secretary General: Training of staff for the Party Congress must comply with the provisions

Speaking at the closure of the 10th Central Conference, Secretary-General and State President Nguyen Fu Tong summed up. The central government has fulfilled the entire content of the proposed program and agreed strongly through the Conference resolution.

Secretary General: The preparation of staff for the Party Congress must be in accordance with the provisions - 1

Secretary-General and State President Nguyen Fu Tong: "The preparation of party congresses at all levels must be related to the implementation of regular tasks, ensuring high efficiency."

In particular, the conference strongly agreed with the leading ideology and orientation to complete the scheme and prepare the papers to be presented at the 13th National Congress of the Party. The Secretary-General highly appreciated the preparation of the subcommittees and asked the subcommittees to urgently complete the outlines of the reports, ensuring consistency in the topic, views, guiding ideas and overall objectives. ; The presentation is short, concise, clear, easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to implement.

"The preparation of the papers to be presented at the XIII Congress must show the spirit of continuing the care of party building and the pure political system. Focus on clarifying and dealing with excellent relationships: the relationship between innovation, stability and development; between economic innovation and political innovation; between the observance of market economy rules and the provision of socialist orientation; between the development of productive forces and the building and improvement of socialist production relations; between the state, the market and society, "the Secretary General noted.

The Secretary-General and the Chair also stressed the need to strictly observe the implementation of the Party Resolutions, 10 years of implementation of the Transition Platform (completed in 2011), 10 years of implementation of the 2011-2020 Strategy and work on building up the parties …

In particular, the Secretary-General wants to carefully assess the implementation of the objectives and tasks of the last 5 years, on the basis of foreseeing the capacity to implement the new strategy.

In particular, in the economic field, the Secretary-General mentioned the policy implementation of the renewal of the growth model, the restructuring, the improvement of the productivity, the quality, the efficiency and the competitiveness of the economy. , performing 3 strategic breakthroughs; clearly and correctly define positions, roles and mechanisms and policies to create incentives for economic sectors.

In the field of society, the Secretary General said that it is necessary to analyze and assess the state of social structural changes, the rich and poor divisions, the social stratification in our country today; awareness and resolution of social relationships, benefits, risk control; combating corruption and negativity, preventing evils and aggravating morals, conflicts and social conflicts; ideological situation, social mood …

With regard to national defense, security and foreign affairs, the advantages, difficulties and challenges need to be clearly defined and the guidelines, policies and measures to be applied to preserve independence, sovereignty and national security. family, territorial integrity, and a peaceful and stable development environment. Appreciating and evaluating carefully the results of the fight, rejecting the 4 risks the party has identified in order to have appropriate policies and measures to ensure the successful implementation of the National Defense Strategy. in the new situation.

Regarding the building of the Party and the political system, the Secretary General paid special attention to the continued strengthening and promotion of important initial results in the building of the Party and political system of our country, which are increasingly pure, strong, both political, ideological, organizational, cadre, ethics, lifestyle, and ways of management and management. The Secretary-General also noted political education, ideology, recession prevention, "self-evolution", "self-transformation"; internal political protection; the question of the implementation of democracy and discipline, discipline, solidarity and unity in the party; issues related to leadership capabilities, the capability of party organizations and party members; develops and implements a strategy for staff and staff; content, models and conditions of the country; commissioning, coordinating and controlling the power of government agencies …

As for the discussion that guides the preparation of the party congress at all levels of the XIII Congress of the Party, according to the Secretary General and the conference, it was decided that this is the important thing. should be implemented soon in the spirit of the continuous introduction of innovations in the direction of practical, effective and democratic promotion, while maintaining the principles, discipline and discipline of the Party; ensuring solidarity, strengthening the leadership capacity and the combat power of party organizations and party members.

The preparation of party congresses at all levels should be related to the performance of regular, high efficiency tasks. Attention should be paid to identifying and addressing the current issues raised, especially those that cause pressure on people, such as: land management and use, natural resources and public property; rich and bad differences; environmental pollution; traffic jams, corruption, waste, negative, social evils …

Work on staff preparation and election of party committees must be in line with the Charter, rules and rules of the Party, choose, introduce and vote for those who are truly decent, qualified and satisfied. overcoming the task in the new situation; pay attention to the discovery and introduction of new and promising factors that provide the ratio of young officials, cadres and ethnic workers.

The Secretary General asked for a thorough understanding of the Central Decision, to examine urgently, to supplement the Scheme and to prepare the Congress documents to be presented to the Central Conference 11 for consideration and decision at the end of the year. 2019.


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