Sunday , June 20 2021

Securities rose for a second consecutive session

The Vn-Index far surpassed the psychological level of 930 points thanks to the second increase of about 5000 billion dollars of liquidity.

Contrary to fears that there will be a sale of profits after the strong increase in the first session of the year, the stock market will open 12/2 trading day in an extremely excited state. The continuous flow of money flowed in all sectors, helping the index to show Ho Chi Minh City to rise in the first few minutes and keep green until the end of the session.

With a growth of more than 11.4 points, the Vn-Index closed at 937.5 points. This exceeds the expectations of many securities companies that the index returns to a psychological level of 930 points in the short term. Market liquidity improved significantly by nearly $ 5000 billion. The market breadth was not as clear as yesterday, but it was still different when it had 180 profits and 113 losers.

The stocks in the VN30 basket were fairly bleak when the popularized increase was only 0.4-0.9%. VIC's Vingroup has become a backbone in the context of very large stocks such as CTD, PNJ, FPT … going against the market.

Today's projector also came from the steel stock when Nam Kim's NKG and HSG simultaneously hit the ceiling. HPG of the Hoa Phat Group has increased by only 2% but is a leading shareholder in the net buyer list of foreign investors with nearly 50 billion VND.

Faced with sales pressure, a number of bank shares such as ACB, CTG, BID, VPB … can still remain green until the end of the session, which is considered a positive sign that the market is returning to rising speed. stable.

At the Hanoi trading stage, green ink also spread when the HN index grew slightly to 106 points and the UPCOM index reached 55.6 points. More than 48 million shares were traded at a total trading value of about 750 billion leva.

Two consecutive sessions are the basis for the BSC to make optimistic forecasts for the short-term support of the VN-Index at 918-922 points. can be tested before this index can move to higher points. Strong resistance within 2-3 weeks may occur at 950-960 points.

After a long time, new recommended short-term investors may consider an increase in the proportion of stocks currently.


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