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Shocked: "The King of Billiards Vietnam" Asian champions after curtain up incredibly

Thursday, April 25, 2019, 7:16 pm (GMT + 7)

(Billiard News) Headed by a long distance, Tran Quet Chien had an unbelievable twist over the world billiard Cho Ming Wu to win the Asian tournament in 2019.

Despite the expectations of the fans, Tran Quyet Chien entered Carom final match 3-year Asian championship 2019 on the home ground after winning the victory against Do Nguyen Trung Hau in the semi-final result. 40-29 after only 14 spins.


The decision of the war is celebrated after an incredible increase in the Asian final 2019

The opponent of King of Vietnamese Billiards is Cho Ming Wu – the best wonder of the world of billiards. The 21-year-old player is currently acting Korea champion, who has won the World Youth Championship for many years and won the World Cup three times twice. In this tournament, the young muscle has a very high level, defeating many old players, including the former Canadian World Cup champion in the semifinals after a series of penalties.

With the advantage of holding the white ball first, Quyet Chien entered very quickly and led his opponent 7-3 after 2 spins on the first. In the third round, Cho Mun Wu continued to prove the class of the "young king of the world" with a muscle line that scored 13 points to go back to 16-11 and create a 4-point difference with the battle for war before the first half. end.


Victory is too dramatic and emotional for Vietnam 1

At the beginning of the second half, Cho Mong Wu recorded an 18-point circuit to bring the War to 38-22. When everyone thought the game was over, the War decision created the most classic twist in the history of the Asian championship.

The first Vietnamese muscle continues to create a series that has a 9-point series that is progressively approaching the opponent. The great tension caused the "Korean miracle" to make mistakes all the time, and up to 5 muscle lines could not mark. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Quyet Chien took the first place with a score of 40-38. Even before the enormous tension in the finals, Mung Wu failed to make the final match.


With this championship, Quyet Chien will definitely "fly high" on the world leaderboard

Eventually Quyet Chien won 40-38 after 21 spins and became Asian three-wheel champion 2019. In addition to the $ 4,000 bonus (over 90 million VND), Quyet Chien also received 80 plus points. The world ranking will definitely help to rank the war.

Thus, the recruitment of Vietnamese billiards surpassed Korea in order to monopolize the two championships of one group and three bands in the Asian tournament this year.

Player Tran Quyet Chien won against former world champion Choi Sung Won.

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