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Shocked: Vietnam original martial artist Thanh Le knocks out former world champion

Friday, August 16, 201 21:28 (GMT + 7)

(Martial Arts News) With just one blow, Vietnam-born martial artist Tang Le knocked out former lightweight kitten Boku (Japan) after just over 1 minute of racing.

On the first launch of the ONE Championship in May, Vietnam-born Tan Le was shocked when he knocked out Russian Artian Yusup Saadulaev in the 12th second in the first ONE ONE Championship. The kick of the "electrically shocking" kick of birth in 1985 is considered one of the most spectacular knockout stages of the world's most attractive MMA arena.

Therefore, Thanh Le's second fight in the case of ONE: DREAMS OF GOLD took place on the evening of August 16 in the capital city of Bangkok (Thailand), and was followed by numerous fans. ,

Shocked: Vietnamese original boxer Thang Le Knockout former former World Champion - 1

Warriors' battle screen

And once again, Thanh Le surprised the world by knocking out former Kotetsu Boku (Japan) lightweight after just over a minute of heavy-hitting play in the first half. ,

The Vietnam-born martial artist was cautious in the first seconds. It moves flexibly and unlocks your opponent's wind attacks. When the first half was over 1 minute, Thang Le suddenly attacked violently. After an unsuccessful left-footed shot, Than Le punched Kotetsu Boku in the face with a powerful right-handed punch that made the opponent fall to the floor before adding a punch.

The referee immediately intervened and declared a quick victory for the Vietnamese boxers. With this victory, Ten Le raised his total wins to 11/11 unbeaten professional matches and established himself as a new and deserving talent for the ONE Championship. Martial artist Thanh Lê carries two Vietnamese – American bloodlines.

Shocked: Vietnamese original boxer Thang Le Knockout Former World Champion - 2

Born into a family with a Taekwondo martial arts father, the 34-year-old martial artist inherited the virtuosity of this martial art. Than Le also has a wealth of martial arts with wrestling skills, Brazilian art, boxing and various other martial arts. He played in the top US MMA tournaments and even won the championship.

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