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Sinking family just for a sheet of paper in her husband's pocket – Young friends

Sunday, January 27, 2019 (GMT + 7)

Having been a husband and wife for more than 3 years, I never thought that my husband and I would have a cracked day.

Our love for each other is so great that we always give good and loving things. After having two daughters together, the affection of the couple became more affectionate. Only my husband's family was always heavy when we gave birth to only two daughters. My mother-in-law really wants to have more nephews. My husband had this desire, even if he did not speak orally.

I myself do not matter to boys and girls. I love girls, but I know my husband loves him, so sometimes I sigh. Just fear that if a third child is born, money is difficult, and raising a bad child will be much greater.

Broken family just because a sheet of paper in your pocket - 1


The life of the husband and wife continues smoothly, happily, happily, except for the slightly anxious times of giving birth to a third child. But over the past year I naturally saw her husband have other expressions. Sometimes he or he sighed, the time was not as formal as before, so I started to worry. I was afraid of the indiscriminate husband outside. Also because of the pressure of the girls and boys, I was born, but I still believe that so far my husband is a faithful man.

His money is also higher because he says the development work. Many times I feel so busy that my husband earns so much money or has a couple with her who has money. It's just a doubt, but the time that went through these thoughts kept chasing me, so I could not live yet.

At that time, he said he had to work for a week. And when I came back I was shocked to find a piece of paper in my husband's pocket. This is a divorce application. The divorce application was named for him and me. At that time I was extremely shocked, my arms and legs trembling without words. I was vaguely suspicious, but I did not expect it to be so fast. Did you really betray me?

How many years of love we had for each other and suddenly we did not disappear? Just because I did not bear a son, but did I want to grow up?

I called him, damn him, said he was a bastard, he was going to be with someone to have a baby, so he wanted a divorce. I was crying like rain, feeling my life here would fall into a dead end street without a dead end.

I pressed on my husband, asking him to come back, but he still did not say a word and insisted on divorce. Hiding in my heart, I decided to leave with my two daughters whom he and his family did not take seriously.

My trip was not so comfortable. More than four months later, I heard he was seriously ill, I deeply regret being divorced and I regret it even more when I realized he had an incurable cancer.

He left my mother and my daughter so I would not be under pressure, not burdened by him. And later, when he was no longer, I was also left out of his righteous name, without being bothered by his mother. I did not expect her husband to think so much about me, but I always doubted him, I doubt his husband's sincerity.

The savings book he left for his daughter is proof of his work when he learned of a serious illness. He was imprisoned for his family, but I simply hated him because of his husband's words, I did not understand the reason to suffer alone.

The rest of the days I swore to do my best to take care of. Although it was too late, I hope that my work will be an opportunity to redeem it and show me throughout this life that I love it forever.

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