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Siuan Truong again shines

Arriving in Thailand with much anticipation, there was a time when Siuan Truong fell into oblivion at Buriram United. At a time when fans were skeptical about Hang Seo Coaching Park calling Xuan Truong for the King's Cup 2019, the midfielder suddenly won the main round in the Thai round before he scored a pretty goal. Nakhon Ratchasima networks.

This was the first goal Xuan Truong scored for Buriram United since the day when Tuyen Quang's midfielder joined the army. Given a free kick in a difficult position after 38 minutes, Nakhon Ratchasima did not go for a direct shot but instead aimed for the area just in front of the keeper. Four days later, he continued to shine in the Thai League Cup when he took part in free kick mode to make Buriram score a 2: 1 goal, helping the hosts defeat Club Rayong 4. -1 after 120 minutes stress.

The spring school shines again - picture 1.

Xuan Truong began to appear in the shirt of Buriram United Photo: BUFC

Revival of Tuyen Quang midfielder is a result of his constant efforts and professional football that not all players in Vietnam can get; Especially since they come to Thailand, Xuan Truong is very afraid to mention the concept of a "trade treaty," the phrase ever associated with him, Cong Phuong and Tuan Anh in 3 years of talented players on this HAGL. Japan and South Korea play football.

Not wanting to be known for being in Thailand, just because Buriram United wants to smooth his name better than to take advantage of Xuan Truong's experience, the Vietnamese midfielder always practices very seriously. "I was really surprised because the pictures and videos that Buriram United showed showed that Xuan Truong had a solid body, and many people were afraid that Xuan Truong would lose weight, but with the professional, this young midfielder is practicing hard to get a body , which is competitive, confronting the field, which was the weakness of Siuan Truong before, but now seems to be improving very well by the Thai club "- a member of the coaching council HAGL commented.

Not only did he practice very hard, and Siuan Truong refused to advertise "running numbers". "It's not the time to make money, Siuan Truong wants to focus on his expertise and strengthen his position in Buriram United," said Lyon Jun Jun, a spokesman for Siuan Truong. when a contact label invited the Thai League midfielder to be the ambassador of the brand.

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