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Siuan Truong and Kong Fuong Outing: Good for Vietnamese Football Vietnamese Football

Kong Fungong will reap many achievements

On the evening of February 12, Cong Foon leaves the country after the Teth holiday and heads for Korea to join Inchon United. Before leaving the hometown, that same morning, Cong Phuong left a beautiful impression on his homeland when some companies awarded 300 tons of cement (worth nearly 400 million VNDs). In which Cong Phuong contributes 100 tons to make a specific route to the mountain village of My Son (Do Luong District, Nghe An), the home side of Cong Phuong, where there are many roads in the sunny and dusty village.

Talk to reporters Tan Nien On the morning of February 13, Mr. Nguyen Kong Bay and Father Kong Fowon were very happy when the son was met by Kim Qi. Before his son went on the road, on February 12, Mr and his spouses made several trays to invite their brothers and neighbors to come to the shared house to be satisfied with their success. Mr. Seven was too happy to drink too much until the next morning he was later than usual and his voice was still hoarse.

"I was able to go to Korea to join them and that was a great honor for my family, I was very happy and I would like to thank Mr Doan Nguyen Duc for facilitating his departure. I also hope that this is a good opportunity for me to wipe out and grow more when I come back, I will make a much better contribution to Hoang Anh Gia Lai's club and home football, "Mr. Bay said.

This is not the first time Cong Phuong has gone abroad to compete in 2016, and the striker was in Japan for the second time Mito Hollyhock. For more than 10 years, since being recruited by Hoang An Gia Lai, Kong Fowon rarely comes home. However, Mr Bey's voice was still hanging when his son was 24 years old for re-export: "I'm used to the living environment, practicing away from my teammates, living away from my family. But after the rest of the day, I came back to see my son carry his purse to come back and see love and memory. Especially I go abroad. Fortunately, I now have a phone call when I'm free, I often call, so I'm better off letting my kids, "said Mr. Bay.

Three years ago, when he began playing for the second-round Japanese team, Cong Phuong was injured so he could not contribute as much as his ambition, he also hoped this time, with his shape and fitness, His son will reap the fruit of the bell to beat people.

We hope that the school will be more competitive and more successful

Speaking of the arrival of Buriram United from Xuan Truong, Mr. Luong Bach Chien, Father Xuan Truong said: "This is the decision of the HAGL Club Leader. When the club leader called to discuss our family, we were also surprised, but we were happy to support. Xuan Truong is a footballer, so it's good to play. The better you go abroad to play for Truong, Phuong and Vietnamese football. "

Mr. Chen said he today called Siuan Truong to ask about the situation. "The school also quickly announced the place where it can be said that everything is very good," said Luong Bach Chien.

Before joining Buriram United, Xuan Truong came to Korea to bring Gangwon FC and Incheon United. That was a failure of Tuyen Quang's original midfielder. At that time Siuan Truong is an outstanding young talent in Vietnamese football, but still lacks a very first-class experience.

It can be said that a trip to Korea as a special course of training helps Swan Truun make a long-term experience in the field of expertise. Now, after a great success in the Asian tournament U.23 and to make a significant contribution to the Vietnamese team that won the AFC Cup 2019, Siuan Truong is much more flexible. If you can show off your skills, Siuan Truong will be able to score in the Thai League.

Speaking about this, Mr. Luong Bach Chien longed, "Knowing that I have not said anything yet, I hope the school will be more competitive and more successful."

Le Tan, Han Hoan

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