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Stunned by top stars in the world paid for every show at Super Bowl,

Maroon 5 has just moved the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2019 with a spectacular performance and has scored the top star in the world. As the American Super Cup's mid-hour show was upgraded in 1991, a series of the biggest stars in the world are "chosen to send gold" to dominate the annual stages such as Michael Jackson, U2, Prince, … to Beyonce , Bruno Mars, Katie Perry, Lady Gaga … But the question is always how much will BTC pay for these artists for an event? so?

Stunned with the best world stars paid for each Super Bowl show - Photo 1.

Although he had a lifetime idea, Maroon 5's money did not differ from his predecessors.

The answer is surprising, not millions of dollars, as if for their usual performances, but no one – honey – no.

You have not heard wrong, a Forbes page also reports that the NFL spokesman (the National Football League) has announced that they do not pay artists but still cost the scene.

Artists are like singing for free at this event, but the Super Bowl Halftime Show is always a stage that everyone wants to exalt. There are many reasons why the show is so expensive now. Above all, the opportunity to reach an infinite audience every 12 minutes is displayed in Super Bowl when almost half of the US population is watching directly on the small screen (worldwide) Up to 1 billion people watch this event on multiple distribution platforms ). Their names were also encouraged aggressively before and after the program.

Stunned with top stars in the world is paid for every Super Bowl show - Photo 2.

The star's performance will be widely promoted in all media.

With regard to the splendor of each stage, it is possible to see the performances of Kati Perry or Lady Gaga. Artists are creative with the optimal support of high technology and a team of leading experts in the world. Of course, BTC pays the cost of production, and each artist alone has a sponsor to offset the huge amount of money.

Katie Perry at the Super Bowl 2015

Lady Gaga at Super Bowl 2017

Finally, but not least, the consumption of their products after the show immediately increased from 2 to 3 times on all fronts, from streaming to disc sales, tour operators. For example, Bruno Mars, after joining Red Hot Chili Peppers at Super Bowl 2014, immediately began selling tickets for his private tour. Earlier, in 2013, Beyoncé announced to fans and the world tour "Mrs. Carter Show" right after the spectacular show at Super Bowl. Justin Timberlake also released an album when he ended his sublimation with more than one hundred million Americans.

Stunned with the best world stars paid for each Super Bowl show - Photo 5.

These are the main reasons why "Super Bowl Half" shows the desire and honor of each artist, including a legend.

Reference to the source: Forbes

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