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Surprised market selling the price of "virginity" 600 thousand dollars

According to the attractive offer, the fake hymen is priced at 600 thousand dong, which helps girls when the relationship has the same effect as the first time.

In addition to sex toys, now on the market, the "black market" sells a product called "fake film".

An online market selling fake hymen

According to the description of the online sale of toys, "fake hymen" is "thin, transparent and transparent plastic"; does not cause side effects; not forbidden, licensed ".

Women put this membrane in the appendage. When you have sex, the membrane will tear and produce a red solution like bleeding for the girls who "did" it first.

Surprised market selling the price of "virginity" 600 thousand dollars
False virgins are sold on the internet selling adult toys.

However, when the correspondent contacted the phone number stored on the website, referring to a visit to the store, the woman named T. (South accent) refused the reason: "I sell this product. not the address because the product is not sold publicly. "

This woman, introduced in Ho Chi Minh City, if he buys goods in the city, will have people to deliver the goods to the right place for a short time. For people in other provinces in the country, shipping time is 2-3 days.

The transaction method is quite simple, the buyer can transfer or pay to the supplier immediately after receiving the goods.

Of Set products in wooden boxes, including 2 plastic pieces used 2 times. I put it before the connection between 15 – 30 minutes, – enthusiastically directed T.

In addition to introducing the "divine" use of this product, T. also assured the origin of Japanese products with prices ranging from 550,000 VND to 1 million VND. ,

In particular, products that are safe for health do not cause pain, such as chimaeroplasty, quickly restore virginity within minutes.

T. confirms: 'You do not know how many boxes you sell. Since no one complained, I can be sure I will buy it.

Imitation hymen – scarce product on the Hang Chieu night market

In Hanoi, a group of reporters went to several stores selling room equipment, pharmacies … asking to buy a fake hymen. All employees here claim to not sell such products.

At 21 am We continue to move to Hang Chieu Street (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi). Here are a lot of people who whisper, it's a happy paradise selling big sex tools in Hanoi.

A warm heart met us around the street. The face revealed she sells all the equipment from the budget of luxury goods to the "market" for many years. Top-selling patrons.

When the reporter mentioned that he wanted to buy a fake hymen, she said that this product is in the form of a shortage, customers need it to call the supplier.

Surprised market selling the price of "virginity" 600 thousand dollars
The vendor of the room products and offered the fake hymen in the market "happy" in the city of Hang Chichu.

Receiving the signal to buy the product, she pulled the phone to call a person. After the phone call, the elderly woman announced she was in stock. If customers have to buy can deposit 100,000, the next day to pick up or give the address, she gave a transfer by hand.

Still her words, the false hymen cost 600 thousand VND, each box has 1 piece of plastic inside. Users are soaked in water for a few minutes for a soft plastic part placed. After half an hour there may be a battle.

Speaking of this, Dr. Le Ti Kim Duong, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Thai Ha Medical Center confirmed that using a false hymen to overcome her husband was an act. stupid:

First, all products that come into contact with the human body without the Ministry of Health's inspection can not know how dangerous it is for our health.

Secondly, the hymen itself is just a thin film that prevents dirt and bacteria from entering the vagina to protect the genitals from the inside, but not defend virtue.

Third, when using a false hymen to pass the lover's wife's eyes, if discovered, the woman will be judged unfairly. That's why the affection of the couple will definitely be more irritated, "said Dr. Dung.

For the above reasons, BS also wonders whether women should be "desperate" for the polluting anthems?

Bui Din Ung (Hanoi Bar Association):

– Because the law does not currently stipulate that it is a forbidden product when it is opened, it only imposes administrative sanctions for business conduct without business registration; goods without invoices and vouchers; goods of unknown origin;

– When the business is opened, these goods will be temporarily seized by the authorities. After a certain period of time, if the requirements of the law are not met, the organization will be destroyed.

– Clause 1, Article 21 of Decree No 185/2013 / ND-CP provides for breaches of the economic activity of expired goods, unclear origin and other violations:

1. Caution or fine from 200 000 VND to 400 000 VND for one of the following violations in the case of violation of goods whose value is below 1.000.000 VND:
(a) trade in end-of-life goods entered on the labeling of goods or packaging of goods, with the exception of plant protection products;
(b) exchange, modify the labels of goods, dispatch goods or delete, repair the duration of the use of the labels on goods and the packaging of the goods in order to extend the shelf life of the goods;
(c) trade in goods of unknown origin;
(d) trade in goods with labels and packages of goods containing images, drawings, letters, signs, symbols or other information which are untrue, confusing national sovereignty, historical traditions or damage to cultural identity, ethics of lifestyle, national solidarity and social order and safety.

Magnus specializing in the sale of "long legs" chosen by hundreds of millions in Hanoi "width =" 145 "height =" 101

The magician specializes in the sale of "long legs" of choice costing hundreds of millions in Hanoi

In addition to the sale of stimulants, prolonging the "love" for men, the store owner at Thanh Xuan (Hanoi) also revealed that he sells many "long legs" for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tan Hoon – Hoai An

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